One of Hawking’s five predictions may already be happening, and the other four may also come true

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The reason why human beings can achieve the rapid development of science and technology in hundreds of years has an important relationship with the birth of some great scientists. In modern history, although there are many outstanding scientists in the world, they are really called great, and not many people remember them. For example, Newton proposed the law of universal gravitation, which is a great scientist known to all.

Einstein put forward the theory of relativity and many other conjectures, and these conjectures are being confirmed by scientists one by one. Therefore, as long as the earth people, it is estimated that few people do not know Einstein. Newton and Einstein are both great scientists in modern times, but in modern times, Hawking is the only one who can become a household name.

Although Hawking has a disability and can only sit in a wheelchair all his life, he has made great contributions to physical science and universe exploration. In particular, his publication a brief history of time has influenced countless scientists and people around the world. It is Hawking’s simple language and witty words that make countless people interested in the universe.

Hawking’s contribution to the exploration of the universe is deep. For example, Hawking radiation is proposed in the study of black holes, which gives people a new understanding of black holes. In addition to a lot of scientific research, Hawking, like Einstein, also likes to make some predictions about the future. As we all know, Einstein made a lot of predictions, and most of them were later confirmed by scientists. Scientists are still working hard for those that have not been confirmed.

Einstein’s prediction is so accurate, will Hawking’s prediction become a reality in the future? Maybe many people don’t know what predictions Hawking had. Today we’ll give a brief description and analysis of Hawking’s five predictions. One of the five predictions is now realized, and the other four may also be realized.

The first prediction is the destruction of the earth. In April 2017, Hawking said in an interview that he was more sure than before that human beings should leave the earth 2117 years ago. He also said that if human beings want to survive, they must move Mars or other planets, because the earth will be destroyed in 200 years. With this remark, the whole world is boiling.

Why did Hawking predict that the earth would be destroyed in 200 years? In fact, the main reason is that with the rapid development of human industry, the ecological environment of the earth is deteriorating rapidly. According to the carbon dioxide detection made by scientists in 2019, the carbon dioxide concentration in the earth’s atmosphere has not been reduced due to the continuous strengthening of environmental protection in recent years, but has reached a new high.

This result makes scientists panic. In recent years, human beings have been strengthening environmental protection, but they still have not been able to change the rising trend of carbon dioxide content in the earth’s atmosphere and the deterioration of the earth’s ecology. Even this worsening trend is accelerating. I believe friends can really feel the rising temperature in recent years. Even now it’s winter, the northern region still can’t feel how cold it is, and the winter is getting warmer and warmer.

If the earth’s ecological environment continues to deteriorate at the present rate, the earth may become an oven in 200 years’ time. The ultra-high temperature will make the ocean evaporate and the earth desolate, and it is difficult for life and human beings to survive at such a temperature. Therefore, Hawking’s prediction that the earth may be destroyed in the next 200 years is not entirely unreasonable.

The second prediction is immigration to other planets. Hawking believes that with the rapid progress of human science and technology, the rapid development of industry. The earth’s resources will rapidly reduce, and we will come to the situation of resource depletion in the future. At the same time, due to the massive development of industry, it is difficult to effectively change the deterioration trend of the ecological environment. As we have just said, although human beings continue to strengthen environmental protection measures, the trend of global warming has not changed, and the trend of ecological deterioration has not changed.

If the environment is deteriorating, resources are decreasing and the global population is increasing. The pressure on the earth will be greater and greater. In the future, the earth will not be suitable for human survival, so we must find a second home in the universe. Before human beings mastered sublight flight technology and interstellar navigation ability, the immigrant planet that human beings could choose could only be chosen in the solar system, and the target of scientists’ choice was Mars. It is in this way that scientists have accelerated the exploration and research of Mars, striving to start the transformation of Mars as soon as possible and make it a new earth suitable for human habitation.

The third prediction is that artificial intelligence will replace human beings. As many friends know, artificial intelligence is one of the most discussed scientific and technological topics in recent years. In recent years, the development of artificial intelligence is very fast, but with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the security issues of artificial intelligence have been raised.

In fact, Hawking predicted a long time ago that although the rapid development of artificial intelligence has a huge role in promoting the development of human science and technology, when artificial intelligence develops to a certain extent, it may evolve self-consciousness and emotion. At that time, artificial intelligence may not listen to human’s command, betray human and even communicate with human There’s a war in the world.

If human beings and artificial intelligence develop a war, with the powerful replication ability of artificial intelligence, human beings may not be rivals. It is possible that the new master of the earth will be replaced by artificial intelligence. This kind of thing may appear only in science fiction movies in the eyes of many people, but Hawking does not think so. Science fiction events in movies may not be impossible to become reality in the future.

Of course, it’s not easy for AI to develop to the level predicted by Hawking. It’s possible that human civilization at that time had become a powerful interstellar civilization, and there were technical methods to restrict the evolution of AI into self-consciousness. In any case, the threat of artificial intelligence to human beings is likely to be mentioned frequently in the future.

The fourth prediction, the invasion of alien civilization. Although human beings have not found any alien civilization up to now, with the continuous improvement of human cognition of the universe, scientists no longer doubt the existence of alien civilization, and Hawking is a firm supporter of the existence of alien civilization.

However, Hawking doesn’t have a good impression of alien civilization. In Hawking’s view, as long as it is intelligent life, there will be good and evil. Some alien civilizations may have goodwill to human beings, but some alien civilizations may invade the earth with malice. If an alien civilization can cross the interstellar space to the earth, its strength will far surpass that of the earth. At least such a civilization has mastered the sub light speed flight technology.

A civilization that can carry out interstellar navigation is at least more powerful than human science and technology for more than a thousand years. With such powerful strength, the most powerful weapon of human beings may be just a toy in front of the alien civilization, which can not cause any threat at all. In this case, it is possible to meet the end of mankind, and the earth will become a colony of alien civilization. When China was building the “super sky eye”, Hawking once said that this kind of telescope was too powerful, which might attract alien life to visit, and even launch an attack on human beings.

The fifth prediction is the arrival of the ice age. I believe many people have heard of the ice age. Its origin is due to the decrease of sunspot activity and the dormancy of the sun. The sun is a star. Although it radiates light and heat all the time, the light and heat are strong and weak in different periods. The activity of the sun will not always maintain a strong state, and sometimes it will go into dormancy. At that time, the light and heat emitted by the sun will decrease.

Once the sun goes into dormancy, the light and heat received by the earth will be weakened, and the temperature of the earth will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the ice age is divided into the big ice age and the small ice age. Although the big ice age is not so easy to occur, the small ice age will occur once a century on average, lasting for several decades each time. Hawking predicted that the earth will enter the small ice age in 2032.

However, for the earth may enter the little ice age in the near future, scientists think it will be a good thing. The reason is that the earth’s temperature is rising, and it is difficult to cool the earth by normal methods. However, if the little ice age is coming, it will be equivalent to a natural air conditioner, which can keep the earth’s temperature decreasing, which is beneficial to the earth’s ecology It’s getting better.

The above five are Hawking’s predictions. It will take time to verify whether they can be realized in the future. In fact, by observing the activities of the sun in recent years, scientists have found that the activities of sunspots are decreasing. It is possible that the little ice age is really coming. And some people think that the earth may have entered the little ice age now, but we don’t feel it obviously now, and we may feel the obvious cold in a few years.

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