One of Hawking’s three predictions has come true, and the other two are worrying!

One of Hawking’s three predictions has come true, and the other two are worrying!

In the whole scientific community, many great scientists were born. They devoted all their lives to science and left a deep mark. They became a generation of scientific giants and what they left became the most precious wealth of mankind. Everyone must have heard of Hawking. The reason why he lives forever is that he aroused human curiosity about the universe through popular language and writing.

The universe is full of mysteries and contains too many unsolved mysteries. At the beginning, human beings only have a kind of fantasy about the universe. Gradually, human beings have the ability to enter outer space and have a deeper understanding of the universe. The universe is vast, and there are many things we don’t know inside, which need to be explored in depth. Hawking put forward three major predictions before his death, each of which reveals his deep concern for human beings. He has been alerting human beings. So what are the three big predictions? One of Hawking’s three predictions has come true, and the other two are worrying!

The first big prediction is that human beings can rely on DNA to change themselves, which is called gene editing. Human beings reproduce on the earth. Different DNA leads to different genes. Gene editing refers to the insertion of DNA in living genome, and then modification or replacement. This technology is very cumbersome. According to the current human technology, we only master the primary stage, and we believe that we will master it completely one day in the future.

The second prediction is that aliens are likely to appear on our earth. They have always believed that there are alien civilizations in the universe, but they are hiding in the tip of the iceberg in the universe, which has not been discovered by human beings. The reason why they have not attacked the earth is that they may retain their own fighting capacity. Maybe one day, when they are strong enough to invade the earth, human beings will die It’s dangerous, so Hawking has been calling on human beings to find a second home in time, and scientists have never stopped searching these years.

The last prediction is very frightening. After 1998, human beings will leave the earth, and then the earth will face unimaginable disasters. Human beings are forced to leave. Without a home to survive, human beings can only go extinct. Although 98 years is not long or short, it has been deeply engraved in human minds, full of deep worry.

With the development of science and technology, Hawking’s every prediction is gradually realized. At present, the first prediction has reached the primary stage, and perhaps the second prediction will come with it. It is also possible that human beings will really be destroyed after 98 years, and the earth will become a gray piece. So at present, what we should do is to create our own value and actively look for a second home in case of emergency. What do you think of Hawking’s three predictions? You can leave a message for interaction.

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