One of Hawking’s three predictions has come true, and the other two haven’t changed?

One of Hawking’s three predictions has come true, and the other two haven’t changed?

In history, many great scientists were born, such as Einstein and Newton. They all had amazing wisdom and left many inventions and theories. Take Newton’s gravitation for example, everything in the world has gravitation. Newton devoted his life to science and left precious wealth to the world. So did Einstein. They are all great men in the scientific field.

In addition to them, there is another scientist who died a few years ago. He is Hawking. Hawking is a man with a strong body and a strong mind. Although he is physically disabled, he has contributed to science all his life. His brain is very intelligent. He not only left many theories, but also put forward many languages. The most unexpected thing is that one of his three predictions has been realized and two are on the way. This makes people doubt Hawking’s ability to predict the future. What predictions did he make? One of Hawking’s three predictions has come true, and the other two haven’t changed?

The first is artificial intelligence. From the perspective of current science and technology, human beings rely on artificial intelligence very much. Many operations must use artificial intelligence. It has to be said that artificial intelligence can improve work efficiency and facilitate human operation. However, one of its major problems is the most worrying. Artificial intelligence can only be carried out under the control of human beings. If it gets rid of the shackles of human beings one day in the future, it will start to have its own independence Will the ability and consciousness of thinking become the greatest enemy of mankind? Maybe the earth will be dominated by them. How can humans control it then?

The second big prediction is time travel. Most of the examples of time travel have appeared in movies and TV plays. It seems very strange and meaningful. Many people have always believed that time travel exists, but human power is limited and cannot control this super power. Unless we find the existence of wormhole, maybe one day we can realize space-time and change history. However, it will affect the development of human beings in the future. It is still unknown whether human beings will exist at that time.

Finally, we need to explore the existence of extraterrestrial creatures. It has been discussed for many years. Every time we enter space, human beings try to find the traces of extraterrestrial beings. From the moon to Mars, we will find any signs of life, and the existence of extraterrestrial beings has become a big puzzle. Many people think that even if aliens exist, humans should not take the initiative to disturb them, because we can’t judge whether they are good or bad. If they are angered, they will launch attacks on humans and compete with them with human power. The chance of winning is very small. For people on earth, aliens are a big hidden danger. Hawking once reminded people not to try to find aliens. Maybe that’s why.

These three predictions were put forward by Hawking before his death. The artificial intelligence has been realized and will develop in an all-round way in the future. The last two have certain limitations. Scientists are worried. Since Hawking has such a strong ability to predict, we can’t conclude that the other two predictions he put forward will not come true. If they are realized one day in the future, the earth will be in danger of destruction, What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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