One of the smallest cats in the world, which feeds on poisonous snakes, why is it on the verge of extinction?

The earth gave birth to a rich variety of life, human beings have become the leader of the earth in the long evolution, and many creatures have been lucky to survive. In many parts of the world, there are many kinds of creatures. Although they are not as intelligent as human beings, they can cope with some dangerous environments. But we all know that many animals and plants can’t survive in the desert because of the drought.

Dune cats get their water from their prey

This animal is the dune cat. Dune cat is very small, generally about 40 cm, is one of the smallest cats in the world. They generally grow in African deserts, rest during the day, and go out to hunt at night. Their prey is usually mice, lizards and poisonous snakes, which is contrary to the work and rest of many animals. Many people have doubts about how a small cat can survive in the desert because the climate in the desert is so bad?

We all know that organisms will change their body functions with the change of environment in the long evolution. Dune cats are no exception. If we look closely, we can see that the ears of sand dune cats are larger than those of ordinary cats, which means that the big ears can keep them sensitive to hearing all the time and capture their prey more easily. The prey is not only their food source, but also their water source. Generally, dune cats seldom drink water, and all the water is obtained from the prey.

The number of dune cats has dropped sharply and is on the verge of extinction

Water is one of the essential substances to survive in the desert, and dune cat has evolved a unique constitution due to the change of environment. The temperature difference in the desert is relatively large. Dune cats have thick hair, which can effectively help them resist the cold at night, and they are more energetic when they hunt at night.

In addition to the different ways of obtaining water, dune cats are also very different from other cats in their living habits. Dune cats have been living in the desert for a long time, so they have evolved a skill – digging caves. In order to avoid the dazzling sunlight during the day, they will rest in the cave. At night, they will go out to hunt. If the food source is sufficient, they will bury the unfinished food in the cave to prevent it from being swallowed by other competitors. It can be said that dune cat’s life ability is relatively strong, because of its petite size, big ears, very cute, more and more people want to domesticate it as a pet.

However, sand dune cats have fully adapted to the desert environment and are rashly taken away by human beings. Most of them will die slowly because of the change of the environment, which leads to a sharp decrease in the number of sand dune cats and is on the verge of extinction. In order to survive for a long time, natural creatures must adapt to the laws of the environment. It is a disaster for dune cats that human beings rashly change the living environment of dune cats. What do you think of dune cat? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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