One plus eight new machine news continues, the end of the model chip into the mystery, perhaps with a little regret!

One plus eight new machine news continues, the end of the model chip into the mystery, perhaps with a little regret!

One plus used to be a niche brand in the mobile phone industry. With the release of one plus 7 mobile phone, it has become a blockbuster. It also refreshes people’s understanding of Yijia mobile phone brand. Recently, Yijia 8 series mobile phones have become the focus of attention. What kind of appearance design will this series of mobile phones adopt? What is the hardware configuration? Compared with one plus seven series mobile phones, what are the upgrades of one plus eight?

According to the latest news, the one plus 8 series will include three models of mobile phones, one plus 8, one plus 8pro and one plus 8lite. There is no doubt that this mobile phone will also support 5g network. Yijia brand has also become another mobile phone brand with 5g products after Huawei oppo vivo Xiaomi.

The one plus 8 and one plus 8 Pro mobile phones are equipped with the mainstream weapons flagship configuration, the processor of snapdragon 865 and the flash memory of ufs3.0. These two mobile phones are models that impact high-end brands. Compared with the former two mobile phones, one plus 8lite is a mid end model that focuses on the mid end. In the specific chip configuration, there is also a big difference with the first two mobile phones.

Among the rumors, there are also very big disputes about the chip of the one plus 8lite mobile phone. There are rumors that it will use the chip of MediaTek Tianji 1000. At present, there is still no unified statement, and it is possible to use the mid-range solution of Qualcomm. If the solution of Qualcomm is adopted, the terminal model of one plus 8lite will not be able to use 5g flagship chip, and the mobile phone will not support 5g network. Among the terminal chips of Qualcomm, snapdragon 765G is most likely to be used.

Although there are obvious differences on the chip, the specific setting of this mobile phone is based on one plus eight, and the configuration of this mobile phone is optimized. If Lianfa Tianji 1000 is adopted, it will be at the same level as Xiaolong 865, and will not differentiate the three products, nor will it reflect the differentiation of products. The most important point is the cost planning of mobile phone brands. In terms of cost, the cost of Lianfa Tianji 1000 is almost the same as that of Xiaolong 865.

As a mid-range model, the price is about 2000-3000 yuan. If you use the same chip, it is obviously very inappropriate. Therefore, this mobile phone is very likely to use the chip of snapdragon 765G. For one plus mobile phones, the 5g chip of Tianji series has been highly concerned by the mobile phone industry since its release. It is a pity that Tianji chip is not selected in this one plus series of mobile phones. At present, the product features of one plus eight series mobile phones have been exposed one after another. I believe this mobile phone will soon meet with you. What’s your opinion on one plus eight series mobile phones?

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