Online transmission can “prevent the new crown” Japanese granite sold out of stock, profiteering crazily

He said that with the increase of confirmed cases of pneumonia in Shinkansen, various unscrupulous businessmen began to spread various rumors to arouse their desire to get rich.

According to the report of Yahoo News on March 5, recently, there is an outrageous rumor circulating on Japanese social media that granite is an “energy stone” that can prevent Shinkansen pneumonia.

All of a sudden, many Japanese netizens who don’t know the truth are attracted to buy the stone and run out of stock.

According to the report, many people believe in this “scientific explanation” because there are rumors that granite can emit a special kind of radioactive rays, which can kill the new coronavirus around it.

Some businesses also claim that granite can be put into water when bathing, so as to achieve the magical effect of “ray disinfection”.

After rumor brewing for some time, some businesses began to sell granite on the Internet. Most of these gemstones are priced between 1000 and 8000 yen (about 64 to 517 yuan). Despite the exorbitant price, buyers are pouring in.

A legal person said in an interview that the sale of ordinary gemstones at high prices may be suspected of fraud.

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