Only men and women? Scientists discover “new gender”? Or as many as 112!

In the process of human evolution, there are gender differences. There are obvious differences between male and female in physiological characteristics and appearance. In our traditional cognition, human beings are only divided into men and women. However, according to the research of scientists, the actual situation is far more complicated than we think. Is it true that there are more than 112 males and females in human beings?

In our opinion, gender is determined by physiological characteristics. With the continuous development of social civilization, gender has a lot to do with the external environment. At the moment when the physiological characteristics of men and women are different, we have a preliminary concept of gender from the external social and self perception. Children are a blank sheet of paper. They have no knowledge of society and gender, and can only rely on the guidance of adults. Adults will dress children in different genders and teach them to distinguish between men and women. With the postnatal growth, human beings have a clear concept of gender at the psychological level. Although gender cannot be changed, scientists have also found some new genders.

Little boys in America

There is a 7-year-old child in the United States. He has two names James and Luna. Why do parents give him two names? This is because he had a psychological diagnosis when he was two years old. The psychiatrist believed that although he was a boy, his psychological gender was a woman. In order to make the child grow up healthily, his mother decided to train him as a girl, but his father was very angry, so they divorced.

In addition to this child, throughout the world, gender is far more complex than we think. For example, in the Olympic Games held every four years, before athletes participate in the competition, the organizing committee will give them a physical examination. In the past, they used to use chromosome tests to determine the gender of athletes, but in 1999, the International Olympic Committee gave up using chromosomes to determine gender.

The influence of chromosome on sex

So why are there multiple genders? With the progress of medicine, scientists have found that human chromosomes also have a great impact on gender. There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human egg cell and sperm respectively. When the egg cell and sperm combine, it can form 23 pairs. This is how men and women are distinguished. In fact, the chromosome movement will inevitably make mistakes. If there are differences in the process of pairing, the chromosome will be abnormal. There will naturally be differences in the expression of human gender.

112 genders

It can be said that today’s society and culture are more and more diverse. Scientists once counted the gender registration information of Facebook, and found that by 2018, the number of registered genders had reached 112. In fact, they are no different from us. Everyone is a unique rose. Human evolution is still unknown and diverse. We still need a long way to go if we want to fully understand it.

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