Oracle bone inscriptions contain secrets. Are humans suspected to have been created by alien creatures? The ancients may know the truth

Chinese culture is broad and profound, with a long history, and oracle bone inscriptions are the best witness of the development of Chinese culture. Through the research of Chinese archaeologists, it is determined that oracle bone inscriptions are the earliest characters of Chinese civilization. Why is it called “oracle bone inscriptions”? It’s very simple, because it was first found on tortoise shells. In ancient times, there was no paper to write on, so words could only be recorded on animal tortoise shells. From these ancient oracle bones, many Chinese people have got a lot of valuable information, such as the eight diagrams created by Fuxi, the myth of Nuwa and so on.

In the eyes of ancient people, people and all things in the world were created by the ancient gods Pangu, Nuwa and Fuxi, and production and life were inseparable from God. Therefore, we should seek blessings from God regardless of major disasters and minor diseases.

As the entrustment of the good wishes of ancient human beings, ancient Chinese mythology embodies the wisdom of ancient human beings in many aspects, so that modern people think that the gods in mythology really exist in that era, and they are still aliens. There is a saying in Chinese mythology that Nuwa created human beings. Although we all know that this is only a myth, if Nuwa is really an alien, then according to the mythological logic, human beings are created by aliens.

Not only that, but this point of view can be seen from the oracle bone inscriptions. In addition to having a long history, the biggest feature of Oracle Bone Inscriptions is that it has created a precedent of Chinese pictographs. Therefore, when we see oracle bone inscriptions, we will find that they are very different from modern characters, and many of them are created by imitating plastic arts. The word “heaven” in Oracle Bone Inscriptions is like a person holding a ball, which is interpreted as an alien spaceship, and the following is Fuxi.

The later Nu Wa, Fu Xi, Huang Di, Yan Di, etc. are probably created by aliens in order to rule the earth. With the development of human society, the differences between God and human leaders become more and more big, until the various scenes described in other fairy tales appear.

Among them, “Hou Yi shoots the sun” in this myth is a sun, which is regarded as ten spaceships coming to the earth. When people on the earth see it, they think it is a sun in the sky. And “Nuwa mending the sky” is thought to be that the aliens mined the earth’s minerals and then transported them to other planets. In these views, there are a lot of things that combine myth and science fiction. In addition, many floods have been recorded in Chinese history, which almost annihilated human civilization every time. This is also considered as the action taken by aliens before they left the earth.

Ten suns in the sky may be a large number of spacecraft arriving over the earth. The colorful stones collected by Nuwa Bunian may be aliens mining mineral resources on the earth, while buzhoushan may be the channel between the alien spacecraft “heaven” and the earth. In short, there are many corresponding things in myths and legends.

Many events related to the flood have been recorded in the history of civilization, and there are similar plots in ancient Chinese legends. It is speculated that there may be a huge fault between the ancient civilization and the ancient civilization. In order to erase this history, the aliens deliberately created a disaster after they left the earth, trying to make human disappear completely.

Although this statement is somewhat absurd, there is a certain basis for the existence of myths and legends. With the deepening of exploration, the ultimate mystery will be revealed by science.

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