Oxygen another heavy identity disclosure, every 70 years or so, or become a human “deadly poison”!

Oxygen another heavy identity disclosure, every 70 years or so, or become a human “deadly poison”!


Every breath of fresh air we breathe in our life contains a lot of oxygen, which is an indispensable resource. All creatures on the earth need oxygen to survive. If they enter the deoxygenation environment, they will easily suffocate to death. Its importance is self-evident. For human beings, the earth is more like a protective umbrella, providing a continuous stream of light and heat Oxygen and other important resources are the basic conditions for the birth of life, and also one of the guarantees for human survival.


Oxygen has advantages and disadvantages for human body


In fact, many people have a one-sided understanding of oxygen. Oxygen is harmful to the human body, but it is not completely beneficial. When people absorb oxygen into the body, it will react with the organic matter in the body, form energy, and ensure the normal operation of the body. A small part of it will be converted into oxygen free radicals, which will become one of the sources of harm to the human body. It will not only damage DNA It can also cause skin relaxation and aging, and eventually lead to death. Oxygen another heavy identity disclosure, every 70 years or so, or become a human “deadly poison”!


Many professional medical personnel also pay attention to the use of oxygen. They must accept strict restrictions. The concentration is below 60%. If it is higher than this concentration, it will have an irreversible impact on the human body. Frankly speaking, it is more like a chronic poison in the human body. Some scientists say that about every 70 years, oxygen can kill a person.


Harm of oxygen to human beings


As we all know, people have a life limit. Most people only live for a few decades. Few people live longer than 100 years. When they reach a certain age, all functions of the body gradually degenerate. The reaction between organic matter and oxygen is called oxidation reaction, which causes certain damage to the body. Before human beings explored the universe, scientists did not realize the importance of oxygen, and even thought how lucky it was to have oxygen.


It took so long for scientists to gradually realize that oxygen is also harmful. It is different from carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Excessive emissions will lead to global warming. Oxygen is not the same. Everyone has a misconception that the earth has oxygen before life. In fact, the earth has oxygen before life. In the early days of the earth, most of the oxygen came from cyanobacteria. 2.4 billion years ago, cyanobacteria propagated in large areas and increased in the atmosphere. At that time, the earth was full of anaerobic organisms. In this environment, they were forced to retreat.


It was not until later that some organisms survived tenaciously and the function of repairing DNA was constantly evolving that they became eukaryotes on the earth, including the ancestors of human beings. If there was no oxygen on the earth, it would be absolutely impossible. However, excessive oxygen intake would also cause certain damage to human body. Oxygen is more like a poison that can’t be given up Medicine, in exchange for the continuation of race, also needs to pay a certain price, which may be one of the reasons why human beings can not achieve immortality. What do you know about oxygen? Welcome to interact in the comments area.

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