Oxygen may be a chronic poison and is accelerating human aging. Why do people say that?

Oxygen may be a chronic poison and is accelerating human aging. Why do people say that?


The earth can not conceive so much life without many necessary conditions, such as sunshine, air and water, which are indispensable for the survival of life. A day is divided into day and night. During the day, the sun rises slowly, emitting light and heat, bringing a steady stream of energy to the living things. A person should take in enough sunshine every day to ensure sufficient energy. If there is no sunshine caress for a long time, the whole person will appear to have no spirit.


The importance of oxygen to life on earth


Water and sunlight are equally important. You need enough water every day to maintain your balance. Because of the existence of these resources, the organisms on the earth can survive healthily and carefree. For human beings, when they are looking for a second home, they will take whether they have oxygen and liquid water as the standard. They are an indispensable part of the birth of life and support human activities. Every intake of air contains a lot of oxygen and emits carbon dioxide. Oxygen may be a chronic poison and is accelerating human aging. Why do people say that?


Before the early days, the earth was in a state of no oxygen, barren and lifeless. With the passage of time and the emergence of new species, the oxygen content on the earth increased day by day. Up to now, the oxygen content on the earth is still changing. The more oxygen, the better. The oxygen rich environment will make people tired, difficult to breathe, and the deoxygenation environment will make people suffocate. In the view of many experts, oxygen may be a chronic poison, which is the main factor leading to human aging. Why is there such a statement?


Oxygen can combine with blood cells in human body. When people reach a certain age, they will have wrinkles on their faces and their physical functions will gradually fail. Although the changes are not so obvious in the short term, they will be visible to the naked eye after a long time. The air contains 21% oxygen, which will not lead to rapid aging and death of human beings. It will provide enough power for human beings first. Through research, scientists found that under the condition of maintaining this kind of oxygen, human beings can live to 200 years old.


What are the disadvantages of oxygen?


Because in the process of human development, the secretion of enzymes will not be greatly affected, aging is difficult to see, but with the growth of age, the signs of aging will become more obvious, oxygen is a major source. Because its advantages outweigh its disadvantages, the two offset each other. Looking back to the history of 10000 years ago, the oxygen content on the earth is much higher than it is now. Animals are huge because they absorb too much oxygen, and there is no obvious difference in life span. It can be seen that oxygen has little effect on the life span.


Human beings should be glad that the earth has such a stable oxygen content, and there is no need to worry about being fatally threatened. Although everyone can’t live without oxygen every day, excessive oxygen intake will promote one’s aging. It may be a kind of chronic poison. There is no exact scientific basis for this argument. Scientists can’t make a conclusion easily. Everyone should be alert all the time. Oxygen may not be as simple as we think. What do you know about oxygen? You can leave a message for interaction.

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