Pakistani pilots see “UFO”, 35000 meters above the ground, and still emit dazzling white light!

Although we haven’t seen real aliens, aliens and UFOs have become our talks. In many people’s cognition, the universe is so vast that if only human beings are born, there will always be loopholes in logic. Although we have no way to solve the real identity of some UFOs, more and more people think that these UFOs are UFOs. Some time ago, Pakistani pilots witnessed this phenomenon, which led to alien speculation. What did the pilots see?

What did the pilot see?

According to foreign media reports, Pakistan’s pilot in the process of flying, suddenly found a white unidentified object in front of him. At this time, the pilot had already flown to 35000 km altitude. We can imagine how we would feel if such an unknown object appeared in front of us at such a high altitude? I believe many people will think that this is the alien came to earth. Many people claim to have seen UFOs, and in addition to the pilot, many pilots claim to have seen such white unidentified objects. Such an event is so coincidental that some people suspect that it may be an alien patrolling the earth.

According to the pilot’s description, this white unidentified object presents an oval shape, and it will emit light during the flight. Therefore, many pilots have difficulty in opening their eyes after seeing the light. This may not be the level that human aircraft can reach, but some people feel that when the pilot flies tens of thousands of meters high, he may make mistakes because he is tired Maybe the pilot didn’t see the wrong object in the sky.

The authenticity of UFO

Up to now, Pakistan has only released this photo. We can’t determine the identity of the UFO through this photo. However, many pilots claim to have seen this phenomenon. Xiaobian thinks it’s not a coincidence.

Just in 2020, the United States released three videos of UFOs photographed by pilots. These UFOs are moving too fast to be seen in the sky. Judging by the speed of the UFO, it seems that it is not a human product. The video released by the United States is still controversial, which also means that human beings have acknowledged the existence of UFOs.

The universe itself is vast and infinite, and we are only a grain of dust. With the development of human civilization, there are too many unsolved mysteries waiting for us to study. Maybe only when our science and technology level develops to a certain level, aliens will appear in front of us. I don’t know what you think?

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