Panda looks harmless. Why do carnivores dare not provoke it? Look at its ancestors!

Panda looks harmless. Why do carnivores dare not provoke it? Look at its ancestors!

We all know that the panda is a national treasure. It has a charmingly naive appearance, no lethality, and a cute state. It has been raised by human beings for a long time. In the eyes of many people, pandas have no lethality at all. When they encounter some tigers and beasts, they are sure to be bullied. If it wasn’t for the protection of human beings, the panda might have been extinct, but the fact is quite the opposite of what we thought. I don’t know if you have found that many carnivores dare not provoke pandas at all. Why on earth? It has aroused many people’s deep thinking.

In 1869, a man named Armand David saw a very strange animal, black and white, so the local people called it a bear. It is docile and never attacks humans. At first, Armand David didn’t know this animal at all. Because it was black and white, Armand David called it black and white bear. Panda looks harmless. Why do carnivores dare not provoke it? Look at its ancestors!

At that time, the first black-and-white bear was caught and died because he didn’t treat it well. The second black-and-white bear was fattened by Armand David. When he was going to take it back to France, he died on the journey. So he made a specimen of its skin and sent it to the National Museum in Paris, France. Through research, we found that this black-and-white bear is very similar to the giant panda found in Tibet, China, except that its size is larger.

In 1939, a specimen exhibition was held in the zoo in Chongqing. The specimen of the panda attracted countless audiences. At that time, the Chinese language used to read from right to left, so the name of the panda has been used to this day. According to statistics, pandas have a history of 8 million years on earth, which is even older than tigers and lions. Some people speculate that the ancestors of giant pandas may also be carnivorous beasts. However, nature is always cruel. The so-called survival of the fittest, the gradual evolution of pandas, gradually feed on bamboo, but pandas also have sharp claws.

Because the panda has been supported by human beings for a long time, its attack power is obviously weakened. Predators like tigers and leopards will retreat when they see the panda. The main reason is that the force value of panda is quite high. It looks like it is harmless, but in fact it has great ability. It has not been extinct so far, and it must have its own ability. The competition of nature has never stopped, so we should always be vigilant. The food chain is formed through long years.

The panda we know is good at climbing trees, can quickly avoid risks, is not afraid of cold and humidity, and can quickly adapt to the environment. It also has its own value. At present, the panda is also an endangered species. Although it is not as fierce as the tiger and lion, its ability can not be underestimated. No one thought that even the tiger and lion dare not provoke the cute panda. What does the panda look like in your eyes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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