Pandora’s box opened? Can human conquer the ancient virus found in permafrost?

2020 is an endless year of extreme disasters. Many people are not friendly to the impression of last year. They place their hopes on 2021. But scientists have warned that if the current environmental situation continues, there will be frequent natural disasters in 2021. Although the north and south poles are the two farthest points on the earth, with the melting of glaciers, many substances buried in the permafrost have been released.

Although scientists have found many remains of ancient creatures in the permafrost, which are of great significance to our study of prehistoric life, scientists are mixed. The appearance of these biological remains only shows one problem, that is, the global temperature is getting higher and higher, and glaciers have begun to melt a lot. Since 25015, scientists have discovered the phenomenon of permafrost thawing. In addition to these organisms, overseas scientists have another bad news, that is, they found anthrax virus in the permafrost. If the virus is released, there will be infectious diseases, which will be a life and death test for human beings.

Ancient virus

As early as more than 30 years ago, when the frozen soil in Siberia thawed, a reindeer died of anthrax. But at that time, people did not pay attention to this phenomenon. The Reindeer’s body was frozen in the ice. In 2015, with the temperature rising, the frozen soil melted, the Reindeer’s body infected with the virus was exposed, and anthrax was revived. So all the creatures that came into contact with the reindeer died in large numbers, and even a few people were infected with the disease. It was this event that sounded the alarm for human beings. From then on, human beings began to pay attention to the viruses in permafrost.

Different from bacteria, bacteria coexist with the host. The virus only needs to enter the host cell, and then it can replicate continuously. As long as the temperature is appropriate, the virus can survive for tens of thousands of years. The emergence of these ancient viruses may mean that Pandora’s box has been opened. At the end of last century, scientists found a tomato leaf virus in Greenland. This virus is very stable. Even though it has been hibernating for 120000 years, it is still not inactivated. Although this tomato leaf virus will not pose a threat to human survival, what about other ancient viruses? The answers are not known.

In the development of human history, there have been many viruses. Human beings are always small in front of these viruses. In fact, many viruses have been conquered by us. However, in the face of these ancient viruses that have been sleeping for tens of thousands of years, it is still unknown whether our medical level can fully cope with them.

So if human beings want to survive for a long time, the only way is to protect the earth’s environment. Only when the glaciers in the north and south poles no longer melt and the temperature returns to the equilibrium point, can we continue to multiply and develop civilization on the earth. I don’t know what you think?

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