Parallel universe discovered? Is it true that NASA has discovered the existence of a parallel universe?

We can often see human beings crossing into the parallel universe in movies, and open a life scene of Bai Fumei or Gao fushai. This reflects that in real life, people want to start a new life, but does parallel universe really exist?

In fact, the parallel universe was proposed because in the 1950s, when some physicists observed the quantum, they found that the quantum state of each observation was different. Since all matter in the universe is made up of quanta, these scientists speculate that since each quantum has a different state, the universe may also be made up of many similar universes rather than just one.

Some time ago, NASA announced that it had discovered a parallel universe. Is that true?

This may be true, so what is the evidence?

This brings us to a NASA project in Antarctica, namely, the pulse transient antenna. NASA puts a large balloon with electronic equipment over Antarctica to capture neutrinos from the universe. So what is neutrinos?

In short, it is a very small elementary particle in the world, and does not have any electromagnetic interaction with the macro and micro world. According to this theory, neutrinos should not have any electromagnetic interaction with our world.

How was it detected? In fact, there are many ways to capture neutrinos. For example, prepare a water tank full of water. Since the speed of light in the water is 3 × 10 ^ 8 × 0.75km/s, when a neutrino with certain energy or mass collides with the electron, the electron will accelerate, and the mass of the neutrino will be too small to react with our world.

For example, the sun can emit 10 ^ 38 neutrinos a second, while for us on earth, there will be 3 × 10 ^ 12 neutrinos passing through our bodies every second. Are there many neutrinos that we can’t detect yet.

So you can find from this point that if there are heavy neutrinos, they should be reasonably observed by us after they arrive at the earth. Note, this is from the universe.

But this time, NASA actually observed heavy neutrinos coming out of the ground. That is to say, neutrinos come from the universe, pass through the earth, and then come from the other side of the earth. But scientists don’t understand why neutrinos are retrograde?

So scientists speculate that there may be a universe in which time flows backwards and neutrinos come from there. Of course, this is a hypothesis. If scientists only use this point to prove the existence of parallel universes, I think this is too lax.

So, you don’t have to be too serious. Just listen. But Xiaobian is still looking forward to the existence of parallel universe and its confirmation, because in this way, the “paradox of foreign grandmother” will be broken, and there will be some new schemes for space-time travel.

How are you looking forward to it? What do you think? Welcome to comment area.

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