Parallel universe may really exist, but different worlds have the same you

I wonder if you as like as two peas or not, have you ever heard such a word, parallel world, also called parallel universe, that is, there is another world, there is another earth, and there is another same thing like you, doing the opposite thing to you, you sleep, he wakes up, you eat, he goes to the toilet.

Since the last century, the parallel universe has been proposed by people, but the technology at that time could not find the evidence of the existence of parallel universe. Even if it’s fascinating, it’s controversial.

Even now, human technology is not enough to prove the existence of parallel universe, but human beings have begun to find the “breath” of parallel universe.

Multiverse theory holds that there is more than one universe, and there may be a similar time space system in other parallel universes. In this time space system, there is another earth, even one of you.

Two parallel universes do not coincide or intersect, just like two parallel orbits, the same but never intersect.

They may be in the same time system, but the space system is different, like a person walking up and down a rope, or a car driving up and down an overpass.

So how can we get to another parallel universe? Humans don’t know yet. But if humans can figure out the wormhole, it’s likely to be the gateway to another parallel universe.

Although parallel universe can not be perceived, the birth of the concept of parallel universe comes from the explanation of many supernatural phenomena. Anyone who knows physics should know that the beginning of every new theory is not universally acknowledged.

For example, the recognition process of Newton’s first law went through ups and downs, and many well-known scientists called Newton a madman. It was not until the development of human space technology that it was widely recognized.

Similarly, many people do not understand Einstein’s theory of relativity. The road to science is not smooth.

Xiaobian still firmly believes that parallel universes exist. With the development of quantum physics in the future, the “mystery” of the universe will be revealed layer by layer. What do you think? Welcome to the comments section to leave your comments.

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