Parallel universes collide with each other? What’s the matter with our sense of deja vu?

Can you imagine that? Everlasting longing for each other, you are as like as two peas in your face when you read a book. He looks at the same book as you do. You can feel the other’s existence through the brain waves, but you can never touch each other.

This is what we call the parallel world theory, but this theory has always been controversial in the scientific community. In the eyes of ordinary people, this is a very crazy idea, it is difficult to accept. However, several scientists, who are at the top of the scientific community, support this theory and have also looked for a lot of evidence to prove it.

In fact, this phenomenon can not be explained only in science fiction movies. Many scientists also believe that there is a parallel world in the universe, and we can vaguely detect the existence of parallel world in real life. For example, when you get to a place you’ve never been before, there’s a sense of deja vu. This phenomenon shows that there is likely to be a parallel world, in which another one has been here.

Parallel world is also called “parallel universe” in astronomy. Consciousness is that the universe we are in is not the only one. On the other side of the universe, there may be many universes coexisting, and this universe forms a multiverse with each other. In the multiverse, there will be another universe, the same galaxy as ours, with all kinds of planets running. There may even be a place called “Earth” where a group of human beings live.

In fact, the theory of parallel universe is not groundless, but has certain scientific basis. We all know that the birth of the universe was after a big bang. After the big bang, the basic particles in the universe constantly combined to form the present Galaxy nebula and so on. But will these elementary particles form only one universe?

Many scientists speculate that there may be many parallel universes formed by elementary particles outside our universe, that there may be life in those universes, or that life has not yet appeared in some universes. Moreover, according to the current research on the universe by scientists, friction and collision have been found at the edge of the universe. Although there is no evidence to confirm whether it is a collision between the universe and the universe, it has strengthened our determination to find a parallel world.

Just imagine, if there is a parallel world in this world, what kind of life will you live in another world? Maybe a rich man, maybe a wanted man. In 1952, a white man appeared at the Tokyo airport, claiming that he came from a parallel world, and found a lot of identification objects on him. Two days after the airport placed him in a room, he mysteriously disappeared.

It seems that the other side of the parallel world is that we may live in a more distant age, or an advanced age. If there is a parallel world in this world, we can only feel each other through brain waves at most, but we can’t see each other, because modern technology doesn’t support us to cross into the parallel world.

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