Parallel world is not virtual, but an objective fact? How to explain these two cases?

Science can no longer explain the two cases of parallel world. How did they come into being?

There are always some magical phenomena in our life. When we come to a strange place and meet a stranger, we have a strange sense of familiarity. This sense of familiarity is elusive. We can be sure that we have never met before, but why is this sense of deja vu? Almost everyone has.

Strange phenomena in life

When dreaming, as like as two peas in a dream, what they tell you in their dreams are just like the real world. In normal way of thinking, these people have passed away. Why can they still accurately tell what is happening in the real world in dreams? These problems have puzzled scientists for many years, and no reasonable explanation has been obtained so far. Science can no longer explain the two cases of parallel world. How did they come into being?

With the creation and birth of new technology, scientists have finally come to a different conclusion. Perhaps in this huge world, there are not only one world, but also multiple parallel worlds. What happens in the parallel world is almost the same as the real world. When time and space overlap, it can be transmitted back to the human brain through quantum entanglement, resulting in incredible phenomena. We have to admit that there have been many cases of parallel world in history. What are the cases?

Two cases of parallel world

The first one is mirage. Mirage is an optical phenomenon formed by refraction or reflection of light. Generally, the archetype of the phenomenon refracted can be found on the earth. But there is a kind of mirage event in the world, which is unpredictable. That is the mirage in the Aegean Sea. At that time, Viking pirates and pirate ships appeared. Viking was too far away from now. It was impossible to find a prototype on earth, and it was difficult to explain it with the phenomenon of light. Therefore, scientists extended a new concept, that is, parallel world. All the mirage scenes may exist in the parallel world. When time and space overlap, they will return to the real world The world.

The other is dream capture. Can we really find the killer in the dream? There was a homicide case in a certain area. A sister’s younger brother was murdered. At that time, she felt something was wrong and had a very strange dream. She dreamed that her younger brother told all kinds of stories about the murder. The next day, with the help of the investigators, she really found her younger brother’s body. Before that, she said that she had not been to this place, and all of them were based on the road given by her younger brother The researchers can’t believe this case. It’s called dream arrest. It’s too weird. My younger brother told me where he was killed in a dream, providing a breakthrough for the development of the case.

These are all strange phenomena in real life. Parallel world is not a simple legend, but an objective fact. At present, there is not enough evidence and theory to prove its authenticity. Unless we can find the entrance of parallel world one day, we may make breakthrough progress. Do you think parallel world really exists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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