Parallel world? Kazakhstan’s sky seems to be split, and scientists can’t explain it!

In recent years, with the release of science fiction movies, we have a more mysterious yearning for science fiction world and advanced high technology. With the development of science and technology, we are facing more and more problems, such as the controversial parallel world in the scientific community. Although many scientists believe that space-time can be distorted, if human beings enter the space-time tunnel, they can cross it, but until now there is no scientific evidence to support it.

The relationship between dream and parallel world

Scientists once put forward such a crazy view that human dream every night is not a simple thing. Maybe dreams are the display of parallel time and space. They think that although everything human experience in dreams is virtual, it seems to be familiar. Maybe it’s what they are experiencing in another world. After the distortion of time and space, it will be reflected in the form of dreams In the real world, it seems hard for us to understand this statement. However, it is still unclear why humans dream and what is the relationship between dreams and humans.

What happened over Kazakhstan?

There have been many mysterious phenomena on the earth, some of which seem far fetched to be explained by science. Some people think that in some corners of the world, there may be a gate to parallel time and space, but human beings can’t easily find it. Some time ago, a strange phenomenon appeared over Kazakhstan. At that time, the sky was blue and quiet. People were playing in the streets. It was a beautiful day, and everything looked very peaceful. But there was an accident that broke the silence. There was a big round hole in the sky, which directly split the sky into two parts. It looked like the entrance of the time tunnel.

People are very curious where they have seen such a phenomenon, so they pick up their mobile phones to take photos. Some residents even run to the bottom of the big gap in the hope of entering the space-time tunnel. After a period of time, the big gap disappears in the sky, and the sky is restored. It seems that everything has not happened. In fact, except for the Shanghai Cooperation in Kazakhstan, in the United Kingdom There was also a big tear in the sky in lusarene. The huge crack stands on the sky. This picture is really spectacular. Although some residents think it is a magical natural phenomenon, many people still think it is not a good omen. There is a big crack in the sky inexplicably, which is really frightening.

Does parallel world exist?

After these photos spread to the Internet, they also caused a heated discussion among netizens. Why does a big hole suddenly appear in the quiet sky? Is the sky really the entrance to the parallel world? Seeing this, many people think of the experiment done by scientists in Antarctica. At that time, they set off an observation balloon in Antarctica. The observation of the hot-air balloon rising into the sky, can detect the particle radiation in the universe, but in the process of rising, they found a mysterious phenomenon, after all, the hot-air balloon can detect the particles are sent back to the earth from the universe, but the hot-air balloon detected a kind of particles, is sent to the universe from the earth, so scientists believe that there is a peaceful atmosphere in the universe The traveling world, these particles from the earth, once appeared in the parallel world. When they returned to the earth, they returned to their original state.

Although this experiment seems to be convincing, it still can not be used as direct evidence for the existence of parallel world. When we look back at the huge gap over Kazakhstan, we will find that it has little to do with the parallel world. Scientists believe that this is due to the magnetic field, which leads to the appearance of anomalies in the sky. Maybe the arrangement density of clouds at that time That’s why the clouds are split.

However, some people have questioned the scientist’s view. If this mysterious opening is not the entrance to the parallel world, why does it wander back and forth? Shouldn’t it be like other clouds, quietly exist in the sky? I don’t know what you want to say about this phenomenon?

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