Peng Jiamu has been to Lop Nur three times. Why did he disappear the third time and have not heard from him so far?

When it comes to Lop Nor, many people will think of the disappearance of pangam. Although Peng Jiamu mysteriously disappeared in Lop Nur, this is not the first time he has been to Lop Nur. He has been to Lop Nur twice in 1964 and 1979. He should be very experienced, but he never came back when he entered Lop Nur for the third time.

A living man mysteriously disappeared, and it was impossible to leave any trace. At that time, the government also sent thousands of people to look for Pengjiamu, and up to now, no trace of Pengjiamu has been found. Some conspiracy theorists also put forward their own views. As a scientist, why did Peng Jiamu go to the legendary forbidden zone of life? Why did he mysteriously disappear in Lop Nor? Maybe there is a secret behind it. They guess that Pengjiamu is not dead. Maybe he was hijacked by foreign forces.

Of course, all these are conjectures, and there is no real evidence. In fact, Peng Jiamu did not go deep into the core area of Lop Nor in the first two visits. Until the third time, he and his team successfully crossed the core area and collected many ore samples. However, in the process of this investigation, they did not return the same way, but took a new path, and the accident happened at this moment. At that time, they had camped near kumukuduk, but they did not have much water and food. If the team continued to investigate eastward, there would still be many difficulties. So he planned to go deep into the desert to find water. Unexpectedly, his journey disappeared in front of human forever.

Why is pangam missing?

There is also a popular saying among the people that Peng Jiamu was missing because they found a jade pendant of Pisces in Lop Nur. It is said that the jade pendant of Pisces can not only copy things around, but also travel through time and space. In fact, it is caused by the jade pendant of Pisces. Although this saying is widely spread among the people, there is actually no scientific basis. The investigation team did not find the jade pendant of Pisces. There was a jade pendant of Pisces in ancient China, but it has been collected in the Inner Mongolia Museum. It has no mysterious power, let alone through time and space.

In fact, the environment of Lop Nur was not so bad in the distant past. Scientists believe that the reason why Lop Nur became a human settlement is actually related to climate change and human activities. The wind in Lop Nur is too strong. If there is a strong wind, sandstorms will follow. Therefore, many people dare not go to Lop Nur. In the eyes of scientists, there is a certain connection between Lop Nur and Loulan ancient country, so many explorers will come here to investigate.

Up to now, the disappearance of pangam is still an unsolved mystery. Pangam is not the first or the last person to go missing in Lop Nor. Maybe only in the future can we solve the mystery of this incident. What do you think of Pengjiamu’s disappearance?

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