People can’t help but sigh at the tenacity of vitality. It has been struggling in the desert for 50000 years and has not been extinct

Due to the hot climate and harsh environment, desert is one of the most unsuitable places for human beings in the world. Most of the creatures in desert can not survive in desert, so desert is called “forbidden zone of life”. But most are not all, you know? In fact, there is a kind of creature with extremely strong vitality. It has lived in the desert for more than 50000 years and has not been extinct yet. Moreover, it is a kind of fish.

The greatest power in the world is nothing but the living consciousness of creatures. No matter human or other animals, once they are in a desperate situation, they will burst out with great power. And if the environment is bad, there is nothing worse than the desert. The fish in the desert have been struggling in the desert for 50000 years. This adaptability is enough for everyone to think deeply.

Desert environment is dry and hot, lack of water resources, it is impossible to maintain biological growth, even many plants can not survive here, such as the well-known extremely drought resistant cactus, in fact, the range of growth in desert areas is very small. However, in the hottest and driest “Death Valley” in North America, there is a group of desert fish.

These fish are not like “cactus” in the animal kingdom. They only need a little water to survive. Although there are too few nutrients that can be obtained by the body in the desert, their bodies are very small, only a few centimeters long. With the deterioration of the desert environment, this kind of desert fish is now on the verge of extinction.

As we all know, “the memory of fish is only seven seconds”, but desert fish is definitely not a guy with only seven seconds memory. On the contrary, they are very smart. When the desert environment changes, they will change their body state according to their needs. Once their habitat changes, they will quickly adapt. Most of today’s deserts live in a devil’s cave in the east of death valley in America. This is the natural habitat of devil fish. Because the water temperature is too high and the oxygen is too low, many other river fish or sea fish can only survive here for more than one day.

According to American experts, this demon cave has been formed for more than 500000 years, and the life span of desert fish in it is only about 50000 years. How did it suddenly appear in the desert? Due to the movement of the earth’s crust and the migration of birds, experts speculate. At present, in order to protect this kind of desert fish from extinction in the future, people have imitated three places suitable for the survival of desert fish. As time goes on, people find that most of the desert fish begin to grow due to the improvement of the environment, so the ability of survival and adaptation is also amazing.

The environment of desert is awe inspiring, while the life in desert is awe inspiring. What do you think of this animal desert fish? Please leave your comments and talk with us.

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