People who have passed the 220 V voltage through the body but are still healthy are all amazed by the expert’s analysis

Hydro thermal power is always merciless, I believe we all know that, then in real life, is there anyone who is not afraid of electricity? Here, the author will introduce a person who is not afraid of electric shock. He comes from Heilongjiang Province. He is a male and a local electrical repairman. What’s unique about him is that he never needs to wear protective equipment and gloves when doing electrical maintenance. The most obvious thing is that when he touches the wire with 220 V voltage, he still appears very calm. With the wire in his hand shining brightly on his face, it always makes people feel strange.

According to the reporter’s interview. He said that he discovered this feature by accident 15 years ago – because the wind overturned the wires on the home, so he had to repair it himself. When he found the wire that had been scraped off, he instinctively touched it carefully and found that he had nothing to do, so he was relieved to repair it. Later, the wire turned on unexpectedly, but when he went home, he thought that the wire was undamaged and was always electrified, but why could he touch the wire with his bare hands, but in the end, he had no problem with his body. It has to be said that he is really a very bold man. With his encouragement, he began to try to touch the wire directly with his hands. Fortunately, he didn’t feel particularly strange. When a reporter interviewed him, the reporters showed an unbelievable look at him at the beginning. On the contrary, he held the fire line in one hand and the zero line in the other hand, making himself a conductor between the fire line and the zero line. Sure enough, the small light bulb connecting the fire line and the zero line was on, which meant that the electric lines were connected, but he was undamaged.

At the moment, the reporters are all eyes, but he is still calm. So reporters have wondered, is he in his body installed some special insulation equipment, in order to perform this farce? As a result, reporters inside and outside often, very carefully checked his dress, found no exception. So he became famous in the local area, and even some scientists came to see if this person existed.

He himself is very strange. Why is he different from others? Later, he took the initiative to ask the scientists to do some tests. Then the results of the examination were surprising. It turns out that the resistance in his body is 9 times higher than that in normal people. Then we can know from the physical formula that the current is equal to the voltage divided by the resistance. When the resistance is larger, the voltage is fixed, and the current passing through the human body is smaller. That means, in fact, in this case, the maximum current passing through his body is 6 Ma, and the maximum current that the human body can bear is 8 Ma to 10 Ma, so his safety has been reasonably explained.

But this is not enough. Experts analyzed and tested him, and found that because he was a rural man, and he didn’t care much about taking care of his hands, he had a very old cocoon. Skin is the biggest barrier of the human body, so the calluses on his hands can be said to be shedding cells, accumulating and increasing year by year. In the end, due to the thick calluses, they even played a certain role in insulation. Calluses in medical terms can be said to be horny, so this layer of horny really resists the physical damage, including the sun ultraviolet burns and electric current burns, but there is no way for chemical damage.

Finally, the author summarizes here that there are two very peculiar features in this strange man’s body. Firstly, his resistance is 9 times higher than that of ordinary people. Secondly, the thick cocoon on his hand can be regarded as an insulator to a certain extent. It is precisely because of these two points that he can safely pass through the voltage of 220 V. This is the secret of people who are not afraid of electricity. In fact, there will not be so many supernatural or unexplained events in the world. In essence, it is only because it does not touch the truth and field of more core science.

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