Perhaps decades ago, the dream of time travel has become a reality

Time travel is an eternal topic in the history of human science and technology. People hope to twist the so-called time axis through quantum or speed changes, and then achieve the purpose of time travel. However, due to the immature level of human science and technology, everything has become a scientific hypothesis. However, just a few decades ago, there was such an event, which made it possible for the original plan to stay in its infancy and bring it into the future Reality.

Long time ago, what was known as the “time shuttle” mechanical design of Google’s Twitter account in October 21, 2015, and netizens make complaints about it in tweets. This shows that the time has no need for duo A dream to give hope; if there is time to travel, why has the history of human beings not been so clear as to show the presence of time travellers for so long? But afterwards, according to the news and relevant information, although the time shuttle did not become a reality, but time travelers have traces to follow.

On April 23, 2006, according to the Ukrainian capital daily, there was a news that a man with abnormal behavior appeared in Kiev (the capital of Ukraine), who was wearing a camera of the last century, and the local police asked him to show the relevant documents. However, the man produced an identity card printed by the former Soviet Union 50 years ago, which showed that his name was Sergei Ponomarenko, born in 1932, but not born Yes, he insisted that his real age was 25, and the street name he mentioned was the old street name he changed more than a decade ago. Afterwards, the police thought that he had mental problems, so they carried out a mental examination. After being asked by the doctor in the hospital, Sergey insisted that he woke up after seeing a bell like object attacking him on the street. The police developed his film and found that the date was 1958.

After the incident, the police investigated the man’s name and found another living person on the negative at that time. As a result, the living woman admitted that Sergei really existed and was her young colleague. The Civil Affairs Bureau also found relevant evidence that Sergei had been reported missing in 1960. When the police thought it was a coincidence, Sergei disappeared again out of thin air

Ten years after the event, the information we see today can only be a few words on the Internet. However, the video of Sergei disappearing again has aroused public opinion for a while. Perhaps, no matter whether the event is true or false, the objective facts of time travelers may gradually become clear with the advance of time, and the technology of quantum channel and time axis distortion will gradually become a reality. But the problem is, if the time travel is not true, it will become a reality Time can be distorted and overlapped. Is our existing technology a drop in the ocean? If time travel becomes a common phenomenon in society, what do you think will be the result? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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