Perhaps human death is not the end. Otherwise, how can these cases be explained?

Perhaps human death is not the end. Otherwise, how can these cases be explained?

In many folklores, human beings actually have the theory of reincarnation. There are detailed records in many religious scriptures, but with the development of science and technology, some “atheists” denied this view. They thought it was actually feudal superstition.

As scientists continue to explore life, now it seems that there are new ideas. We all know that in the universe, in fact, any object is constantly changing. Perhaps it is precisely because of such characteristics that things in the universe will continue to be born and die. As a member of the nature, human nature can not escape this rule, and there will also be birth and death.

In the process of studying human genes, scientists unexpectedly found that consciousness in human brain seems to exist independently, and it may not be limited by our birth, aging and death. Biologists from the United States say that human death may not end directly. In his research, he found that the human brain actually has three dimensions, while the nervous system seems to have eight more. Our consciousness may be independent of these eight dimensions, so when human beings die, consciousness can exist independently.

From the perspective of quantum mechanics, any matter in the universe can be quantized, so human consciousness is likely to respond. We all know that the human body is actually made up of particles, so when a substance is produced, it will certainly be accompanied by the extinction of a substance, so our consciousness is likely to appear in another parallel universe.

Many people have different opinions about the parallel universe. In fact, from the perspective of quantum mechanics, our consciousness will produce different quantum worlds and different universes. When a person’s consciousness dies out in one of the worlds, it is likely to appear in another universe, which is heaven and hell in many myths. In real life, there are many cases of reincarnation. In Southwest China, many people claim to have two memories. They can even tell in detail where they lived in their previous lives and the names of their relatives. Reporters went to investigate and found that what they said was true.

There are many cases of reincarnation, such as the phenomenon of reincarnation of pig in previous life and human in this life. Once upon a time, a child told the local residents where the wild vegetables were delicious and where they were not. Many people didn’t care about his behavior and thought it was just a child’s casual remark. But there is also a phenomenon in him, that is, when he meets a local butcher, his eyes will be full of fear. Many people asked him why this happened. He told the local villagers that he was a pig in his previous life, and it was the butcher in the village who killed him. After the news was known by the butcher, because he was really sorry, he never killed any more. Perhaps in real life, there are some cases that can not be verified by science. We have no conclusive evidence to prove these conjectures at present. Maybe we will get some answers in the future. Do you think there is a parallel world in our universe? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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