Peru’s “mysterious stone gate” is closely related to wormhole. Can human beings open the door of time and space?

After the concept of wormhole was put forward, scientists began to find the path of wormhole. Wormholes are often mentioned in science fiction movies. Many people think that wormholes do not exist. However, after the discovery of black holes, we believe that wormholes exist in the universe. Although it is difficult to find its trace, many scientists believe that wormholes do exist. So far, no one knows where wormholes are. Scientists have discovered the gate of time and space in Peru It seems to have something to do with wormholes.

In 1996, a group of tourists came to mount Maka in Peru. When they came closer, they found that there were many small stone gates on the gate. According to various measurements, these small stone gates were only about 1.8 meters, which could only be passed by adults. But the gate is very different from the gate we see everyday. It seems to be integrated with the mountain, and the secret about the gate spread rapidly Many people came here and began to explore.

It is known that this stone gate existed thousands of years ago, but it needs a special key to open it successfully. It is said that once a mage came to the mountain to avoid being chased, and then built the door with his own special magic. He successfully avoided the door and wanted to find the key through the door. Scientists found that there was a groove behind the door, and the key could be put in.

All kinds of coincidences seem to prove the authenticity of the gate, and there are many arguments about the gate. The FBI mentioned the existence of the gate of time and space. Although it did not clearly point out the existence of the gate of time and space, based on various events, it can be proved that the gate of time and space does exist on the earth. It is through the gate of time and space that aliens come to the earth.

It seems that it can prove that you can pass through this door, but the key to this door seems to have disappeared like a legend. No one can find a key to pass through this door. Can this door really pass through? Because of all kinds of uncertainties, many people dare not venture through this gate. Even if they can really cross at will, many people dare not easily cross this gate, because no one can control time and space to cross the time line.

So far, there is no exact answer to the secret of Shimen, but there are many things that human beings can’t explain on this earth. Maybe only after the continuous development of human science and technology and the emergence of new achievements can we solve the secret of the universe and successfully solve the unsolved mysteries on the earth.

Although many people are eager to cross, there is really a gate of time and space. I believe many people will not choose to cross, because some things are settled and can’t be changed at all. After reading this article, do you think this stone gate can really pass? Interactive message.

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