Piranha is nothing, these three creatures are the overlord of the ocean, the lethality is unbearable!

Piranha is nothing, these three creatures are the overlord of the ocean, the lethality is unbearable!


Human beings have always maintained a strong curiosity about the unknown areas. Among the many places we have explored, the Amazon jungle is the most special one. It is located in a special place, with dense jungle, which has become the habitat of many wild animals. There are too many animals and plants in it, which are never seen by human beings. However, the interior is extremely dangerous and dangerous. If human beings do not go there rashly, the end will not be very good, so no one dares to go to the Amazon basin.


Everyone must have heard of the piranha. It has sharp teeth. Once it catches prey, it can quickly crush it. It is a gregarious animal with fierce nature. Many large creatures have to give up when they see it. However, there are more terrible creatures than piranha in the Amazon area. So which creatures are they? Piranha is nothing, these three creatures are the overlord of the ocean, the lethality is unbearable!


The first is the electric eel. It’s not big. Many people don’t know that the electric eel is the nemesis of the piranha. Someone once did an experiment, putting the electric eel and the piranha in the same tank. When the piranha is close to the electric eel, it will release electric current. The piranha doesn’t dare to provoke. It is the most powerful creature in the world. The electric eel can emit 500 volts of voltage, lasting for 10 seconds Nearly all creatures will be corona by it, and become its dish, so its strength can’t be underestimated.


The second animal is the catfish. Although the ability of catfish is not better than that of electric eel, its lethality is not worse than that of piranha. What’s special about catfish? What’s different is that its whole body is covered with spines. When it finds prey, it will expand its body and cause certain damage to the other side with spikes. It mainly lives in the same place with piranhas. Generally, piranhas dare not provoke catfish. It can be seen that it is powerful and has a frightening position in the water.


The last one is mori. This is a very terrible marine creature, and it is also the longest snake in the world. The body length of an adult Mori has reached 10 meters, and its terrifying feature lies in its ability of swallowing and winding. An American team once conducted an experiment, in which volunteers dived into the sea floor and put on protective clothing made of special materials. Under the coil of mori, the protective clothing was directly crushed If there is no emergency stop experiment, maybe the volunteer’s life will be lost. Although it has strong hunting ability in the ocean, it has become the overlord of the ocean.


These three creatures live in the Amazon basin, each with its own abilities, and none of them is provocative. In nature, the law of one thing falling into another has always been maintained. If this law is broken one day, the balance of the ecosystem can not be maintained. Although human beings are at the top of the food chain, they will shudder to see these creatures. What do you know more about these creatures? You can leave a message for interaction.

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