“Pirated earth” has been discovered by scientists. It is very similar to the earth. Do humans have a chance to migrate?

Today, with the development of science and technology, people can also see some things happening in the universe. When people’s vision is broadened, they can clearly realize how small the earth is and how vast the universe is. The universe is vast and there are too many unknowns, which makes the enthusiasm of human beings to explore the universe gradually warm up.


At first, human beings only explored the universe out of their interests and hobbies, and wanted to know how many mysteries there were in the universe. Today, these scientists are not only exploring the universe out of their own interests, but for the sake of human civilization to continue. Scientists have found that in the pirated earth, which is less than five light-years away from the earth, there is no shortage of water and atmosphere.

You may ask, Xiaobian, why do you say that? As we all know, 300 years ago, we human beings have entered the era of scientific and technological civilization. With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s quality of life is constantly improving, and various facilities are becoming more and more perfect. With the help of advanced transportation, you can reach any corner of the earth. Can fly in the sky, can enter the sea, through the network, our life is no longer plain sailing, we can speak freely with friends of other countries, do not have to face-to-face.


It can be said that the development of science and technology has brought unprecedented benefits to human civilization, but also completely changed the way of life and the pace of life. Although science and technology has brought great development to human beings, the living environment of human beings has become worse and worse with the development of science and technology.


Everyone is under great pressure. Overexploitation of a large amount of resources and emission of a large amount of industrial waste gas make the greenhouse effect more and more intense. The global temperature generally rises. The ice and snow in the Antarctic and Arctic continue to melt. The ancient ice begins to thaw, which makes the ancient virus wake up slowly.

These changes on the earth give us a wake-up call. What we are doing now will lead to a shorter and shorter time for human beings to live on the earth. If we want to survive, maybe human beings have to change their homes. This problem can not be solved by simple movement, but must find a new planet suitable for human habitation.


Although scientists intentionally regard Mars as a place where humans can choose to migrate in the future, it is quite different from the environment of the earth. In order to survive, it must undergo a series of changes, but it is obvious that humans will not easily change the Martian environment into the same model as the earth. On Mars, the atmosphere must be thicker, and there must be enough oxygen and a lot of liquid water. Of course, it is very difficult to change the gravity of Mars.


But in fact, the planet is still very similar to the earth in many places. The probe found that the planet also has an atmosphere, liquid water, oxygen that may exist in the atmosphere, and its location is still in the habitable area of the star system. Scientists call the newly discovered planet “new earth.”.

Indeed, there are still some differences between the planet and the earth. It is undoubtedly a pleasure to find a new planet in such a close distance and have the function of the earth. What’s more, it’s so similar to the earth that scientists can’t wait to send the probe to the scene for investigation, but unfortunately, now humans can’t.


Although the distance of 4.8 light years is not far, it is still quite difficult for human beings. It takes 4.8 years to travel at the speed of light, but it’s not too long for space travel. When scientists discover this new earth, everyone is very excited, but at the same time, we must also consider another question: the possibility of alien civilization, such a beautiful planet, and an environment suitable for human survival, has alien civilization given birth to life? If so, it’s not good for human beings.


Looking for a new earth suitable for human survival, maybe in the end, the whole galaxy will become rich and colorful because of human civilization, but for now, this is just a good idea. To realize this wish, Xiaobian thinks it may take hundreds of thousands of years!

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