Planck satellite observations show that the universe may be a closed sphere

Hundreds of years ago, after continuous efforts and development, human civilization finally entered the road of scientific and technological development. At this time, human beings began to understand the great knowledge of science. There is no science and technology that can’t explain everything in the world. It can be said that science is above the universe. As long as we reach the end of science, then we are God above the universe.

There are many branches of science, and different human beings have joined in the exploration of different disciplines. And if we want people to believe in a certain technology or scientific viewpoint, you have to come up with practical and intuitive evidence. Basically, when new ideas and new technologies appear in various disciplines, you can come up with more direct evidence.

However, there is a discipline that is very embarrassed. Many things in this discipline can only be conjectures, but can not produce practical and intuitive evidence. I believe many friends have thought of this subject, which is cosmology. Cosmology, as its name implies, is the study of the mysteries of the universe. With the help of science and technology, many people have joined in the world of cosmology and more and more cosmologists have come out of the earth to see the vast universe.

But when people walk into the palace of cosmology, they find that the position of this discipline in the scientific community is very embarrassing, because many things in the universe, we can only make various conjectures, and it is difficult for you to come up with intuitive and powerful evidence. For example, the origin of the universe, cosmologists mainstream view that the universe originated in 13.8 billion years ago, the singularity big bang.

But how to prove the big bang? What’s the singularity? Now no one can come up with direct evidence, it’s just a guess. Among the numerous mysteries of the universe, the shape of the universe has always been the focus of scientists’ continuous exploration. Before human beings walked out of the earth, many people thought that the earth was an infinite extended space. At that time, few people thought that the earth would be a closed sphere space.

It was only after human beings really stepped out of the earth and stood in space that we finally understood that the earth was really a ball, a rocky planet with diameter and volume. So what shape will the vast universe be? The standard big bang theory holds that after the big bang, the universe expanded in a flat way. After 13.8 billion years of expansion, the universe extended into an infinitely flat shape without boundaries.

If the universe is a flat infinite space, then two parallel beams of light will always travel in parallel, they will not turn back, they will not meet, and they will not return to the place where they started. And on earth, we all know that when we move in one direction, give you enough time, you will eventually return to the starting point.

So is the flat theory of the universe correct? Many scientists have questioned this. Last year, astronomers Di Valentino, melchioli and Silke from three universities studied the data sent back to the earth from Planck Space Observatory, which drew the cosmic microwave background radiation map from 2009 to 2013. The data showed that there was a difference between the concentration and outward expansion of dark matter and dark energy However, the gravitational curvature of space is much larger than the theoretical prediction, and this imbalance will make the universe self close and form a sphere shape.

In other words, the data observed by the three astronomers through the Planck satellite overturned the view that the universe is flat and that the universe may be a closed sphere. According to the observation data, the probability that the universe is closed is 41 times higher than that of an open universe. If the universe is a closed sphere, then you shoot a beam of light into space, and one day it will come back to you again. Even if you travel far enough from earth, you will return to earth.

After this subversive view was put forward, it had a profound impact on the scientific community. The origin and shape of the universe play an important role for cosmologists to explore other mysteries of the universe. If we don’t know the origin and shape of the universe, many mysteries of the universe will be out of the question.

Of course, it’s too early to say whether the universe is a closed sphere. It’s too little to rely on the observation data of Planck satellite. We need more and broader cosmic observation data. In fact, it is very difficult for human beings to really understand the real shape of the universe. Until now, we have no idea how much the universe has expanded or how big it is.

Someone once proposed that the universe may be infinite without boundary. In fact, many scientists hold a negative attitude to this view. There can be no infinite things in this world. If the universe is from the big bang, then it is already a bounded space at the moment of the big bang, which is similar to the phenomenon of a balloon expanding.

When we give a balloon constant blowing, it will continue to expand, do you say the balloon has a boundary? Of course, there are, but the balloon has no fixed volume because it is expanding. It’s the same with the universe, whether it’s flat or closed. It had its boundary from the moment of the big bang, but because it was expanding, its size changed all the time. In other words, the universe is a boundless space.

We want to really know how big the universe is now. One is to figure out the average expansion speed of the universe. The other is to figure out what the shape of the universe is? Is it a flat space extending infinitely or a closed spherical space? As long as we understand this problem, we can always grasp the size of the universe.

Of course, an important prerequisite for the above discussion on the shape of the universe is that the universe originated from the singularity explosion. If the universe did not originate from the big bang, but had other forms of birth, the problem would be more complicated. Many of the existing cosmological theories may have to be overturned.

In any case, the exploration of the universe by human beings is just beginning. There may be a big gap between our understanding of the universe and the real universe. After all, the scientific and technological strength of human beings is still very backward. We have no ability to really get out of the solar system, and we have no ability to carry out interstellar navigation. And the observation technology is also very technical.

The current observation technology of human beings is basically based on the optical theory, that is to say, the cosmic target must have light or light reflection before we can observe it. If there is no light source in the universe, we can see nothing and observe nothing. This kind of observation technology is actually very primitive and backward, because only a small part of the universe really has light, and most of the areas are completely dark.

Because only when human beings develop new detection methods higher than optical observation technology, such as gravitational wave detector or other powerful space-based detectors, can we see the real universe and get more detailed data, so as to determine what the shape of the universe is like. Of course, even if we finally determine that the universe is a closed sphere space in the future, there is only one way to really see the shape of the universe intuitively, that is to get out of this universe.

If the universe is a closed sphere like space, then there is probably space outside the universe. Only when we go out of the universe and stand outside the universe can we really understand what the universe we live in is like. Just like if we want to really understand the earth, we must go out of the earth and stand in space to really see what the earth looks like.

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