Plastic infiltrates into the body? Scientists in drinking water, found pieces of plastic!

Today, human beings have entered the era of intelligence, relying on the creation of a variety of high-tech, human life has been greatly liberated and convenient. In recent years, the rise of takeaway industry brings convenience to human beings, but also brings great harm to nature. Plastic has become an indispensable item in human life. According to the data, more than 1 million plastic bottles will be sold in one minute, and human beings will create 8 million tons of plastic waste every year. But plastics can’t be broken down, and it will take more than 1000 years to completely eliminate them.

Plastic has penetrated into human life

In the early stage of manufacturing, plastic itself is a raw material for the development of industry, but with the continuous improvement of economic level, plastic has become a necessity of human life. Even at the bottom of 8000 meters of ocean, there are also traces of plastic. Some people even say that plastics have broken through the limits of the food chain and become a member of the food chain.

Scientists have experimented with volunteers in eight countries to strictly control their diet. A week later, they found that their faeces contain different components of plastic debris. Since then, scientists in the United States have also tested different bottled water. They have purchased 259 bottles of mineral water in different regions of nine countries. They have tested the composition of the water and found that the water contains a large amount of polypropylene. It can be said that human beings live on the earth and suffer from the erosion of plastic all the time.

Plastics enter the human body through substances such as salt and water

Scientists believe that micro plastics have penetrated into human life and entered human body through the daily intake of salt, water and other substances. China’s situation is not optimistic. A large number of micro plastics exist in the freshwater environment of our country. Most of these micro plastics come from agricultural production and domestic waste created by human beings. All kinds of plastic fragments are harmful to human body. In the long run, it will affect human blood circulation, cause a variety of cardiovascular diseases, endocrine system will be disturbed, and even cause damage to the reproductive system.

The adsorption capacity of plastics is very strong

Because of the small size of these micro plastics, it can be easily adsorbed on some substances. To survive on the earth, human beings have to take in a lot of foreign substances to supplement energy. Therefore, these plastic fragments enter the human body through their strong adsorption capacity. If they can’t get rid of the human body and accumulate in the human body for a long time, it will be very dangerous.

Of course, this is just the guess of scientists for plastics. Although micro plastics have penetrated into the human body, there is no way to confirm the specific damage to the human body. We can’t ignore such problems. Many major diseases have been ignored by human beings and caused irreparable consequences. What do you think of these plastic fragments that penetrate into the human body?

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