Play more games, you may be more and more “Niang”

A recent study shows that with more video games, you may become more and more Niang. Do you have a little panic at the news?

It’s really not easy for video games to develop today. In view of the misunderstanding of video games in the early days, people’s attitude towards Games has always been “turning pale”. Even now, there are still many people who lack a scientific understanding of games. They think that games are spiritual opium and should be banned. However, with the change of times, such misunderstanding will be less and less.

A recent study shows that playing too many games can really change a man into a “mother”. Research data show that in several competitions lasting 15 to half an hour, the changes of body hormones of athletes are quite different from those of traditional sports. The male players of E-sports release much lower testosterone and other male hormones than the male players of traditional sports in the fierce competition.

Through the comparison of many experimental data, the researchers found that the hormone level of physical strength of athletes will increase with the passage of time in traditional sports, but the hormone level of E-sports players will not change. The key to the difference lies in the fact that traditional sports players will face unfamiliar environment and a large number of unfamiliar audience during the competition, which will make the hormone level of athletes more active; while video game players will basically face familiar opponents in the familiar environment during the competition, which will make it difficult for the hormone level of the body to change.

Although playing too many games will lead to the change of “Niang”, but the impact on normal life can be minimal, so the friends can rest assured. Moderate game, good for physical and mental health, do not indulge oh.

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