“Plop” sound from 10000 meters under the sea? The speed of sound is 16 times higher than normal, and it can travel 5000 km

There is a line in the movie “later we” that is “the moon in the sky, the turtle in the ocean”, which left a deep impression on me. Since ancient times, we have been exploring the mysteries of the universe and the deep sea. From space, our earth looks like a huge blue water ball, very charming. From this we can see that the ocean accounts for the vast majority of the earth, and our earth is a water ball worthy of the name.


Although we human beings have been exploring the ocean unremittingly, only 5% of the ocean fields known to human beings at present, and 95% of the ocean fields we have never set foot in. China’s self-developed Jiaolong can be said to be very powerful. In June 2012, Jiaolong set a world record of 7062 meters in the Mariana Trench (the Mariana Trench is located at the junction of the Pacific plate and the Philippine Plate, with the deepest depth of 11095 meters, which is the deepest known place on earth). But many friends still have such doubts: what is there in the 10000 meters of the sea floor? Is there life?

In fact, as early as 1997, a special sound appeared in the ocean. The first appearance of this “Putong” sound caused an uproar. Compared with the ordinary voice, it is really king level. This sound can travel as far as 5000 kilometers, 16 times faster than sound wave in the speed of light (sound travels 340m / s in the speed of light), and the frequency is very fast, which is astonishing. Scientists speculate that it may be the sound of a special kind of creature, because we know that water waves can’t make such a strong and special sound at all.


But we should know that the capacity of oxygen in seawater is very small, and there is almost no oxygen at the depth of 10000 meters. And the pressure is as big as 1.3 billion Chinese people on you. In addition, at a depth of 10000 meters, Mount Everest can even be installed. There is no light at this depth. If there are creatures in such a bad environment, how powerful should it be


Ah! This survival ability is 1000 times more powerful than that of human beings!

But there’s no wonder about the size of the world. Scientists speculate that there may be an unknown kind of giant whale living here, which makes such a “poop” sound, or it may be some kind of prehistoric giant. In a word, the size of a creature that can make such a strong sound should not be underestimated. In order to find this mysterious creature, American scientists plan to place a recorder and video camera in the deepest part of the Mariana Trench. Maybe one day, we can see this giant beast.


What do you think this mysterious creature is? Welcome to leave a message to comment on your opinion, maybe your prediction is correct!


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