Polar bear is on the verge of extinction, turn to human for help, law: even if you starve to death, you can’t save it!

As a symbol of the Arctic, polar bears give people the impression that they are white and cute, especially the little polar bears, who look like dolls, make people want to take them home when they see them. In recent years, the Arctic ice and snow coverage has been extremely reduced, and the decreasing glaciers have greatly reduced their predation range. Even the polar bear has now begun to cannibalism, big bear eat little bear, has been listed as endangered species.


There is a video on the Internet, which has brought a lot of controversy to netizens. A bony polar bear is walking slowly on the ice, as if it may faint at any time. Netizens have accused the photographer of taking videos. Why not feed him and save the poor polar bear?


In fact, feeding polar bears is against the law. The local government believes that feeding polar bears will change their life pattern. They will gradually like this kind of “food coming from nowhere”, lose their own survival skills of hunting, or are lazy to find their own food. In this way, they will be more likely to die of starvation, and even indirectly destroy the fragile ecological balance of the Arctic! In this way, we humans may be able to save polar bears for a while, but not for a lifetime! Some people feed polar bears to hunt them cruelly. If they are allowed to feed them by law, illegal elements will use feeding to poison their food for the ugly purpose of hunting them. In addition, although the polar bear looks cute, it must be a wild animal and extremely fierce. If it is allowed to feed them, humans may be attacked by polar bears in the process of feeding. Therefore, banning feeding polar bears is not only protecting polar bears, but also protecting human beings.


Human beings should respect the development law of nature, which is the harsh law of nature. If we really want to help these lovely Arctic elves, we should start from protecting the earth’s environment. Everyone will contribute to make the earth better.

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