Pompeii’s doomsday will be fixed in 1000 years ago, lovers intimate moment, the volcano is merciless and people have feelings

Pompeii, originally a small fishing village near the Mediterranean Sea, has gradually evolved into the second largest city after ancient Rome in Italy. Later, on August 24, A.D. 79, a volcano named Vesuvius near Pompeii suddenly erupted. The volcanic ash with a thickness of 5.6 meters fixed Pompeii forever in that moment. It was not until 1748 that Pompeii was able to see the sky again.


When later people dug up this piece of Pompeii ruins, the underground scene was vivid, and even the traces of goods sold in the commodity market of that year could be seen. In addition to the city hall, Pompeii market, bathhouse and amphitheater, scientists also found this scene when people were cleaning up the corpses.


This should be a pair of lovers, they may not know that death is slowly approaching, hugging and sleeping, and the merciless volcanic ash will time forever fixed in this moment, do not know whether this is tragic, or happy, tragic is a young couple hugging but tragic accident; fortunately, when they die, they still maintain a tight hugging posture, until now nearly 2000 years.


When disaster comes, there are people playing, peddling, flirting, and talking about love; there are people working, arguing, just cooking dinner, and even not yet on the table. This is perhaps the greatest work of art left by nature for us, but the price is so heavy.

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