Prehistoric airport under the sea? Was it built by prehistoric civilization or by aliens?

Although human beings have become the overlord of the earth, before the emergence of human beings, the earth is still strange to us. If we want to understand the past, we can only find out by means of fossils. Some people think that perhaps the earth’s civilization has been constantly changing. This is not groundless. Scientists have found many signs that seem to prove the existence of prehistoric civilization. What’s the matter?

Trilobite fossils

Scientists once found a human footprint, which is not uncommon. Surprisingly, this footprint appeared on a trilobite fossil. This fossil has been more than 500 million years ago. After careful analysis, scientists found that there seems to be traces of sports shoes on the transaction. Who would wear sports shoes in the soil more than 500 million years ago? Is it true that intelligent life appeared at that time? The secret of footprints has not yet been revealed. When scientists explore the seabed, they are faced with another problem. There is a building on the seabed, which has an intricate runway, just like a modern airport.

Undersea airport?

This was discovered by an amateur archaeologist when he was exploring the Pacific Ocean. At that time, he found a strange phenomenon in Google maps. There seemed to be a strange building in front of him. When he swam here, he found that there was a huge airport in front of him. In order to solve the secret of the airport, she published this phenomenon on the Internet. Many netizens agreed that it is impossible for human beings to build an airport under the sea. So who left this huge building?

Who is the builder?

Some people think that this airport may have been built by prehistoric intelligent life, or that the civilization of the earth has been in constant circulation. It is only a million years since human beings appeared on the earth. Before human beings appeared, what was the world like? None of us has an answer. Maybe this airport is the best proof of prehistoric civilization. Maybe this airport is the site of Atlantis civilization.

In the process of the development of human civilization, Atlantis civilization is like thunder. At that time, Atlantis had created advanced technology, and people also lived a luxurious life. But Atlantis disappeared into the ocean because of a flood. Maybe this airport was built by Atlantis.

Although human beings have not conquered the ocean so far, more and more people believe that the ocean can give birth to life, so there may be unknown creatures deep in the sea. Maybe this alien base will be built on the bottom of some oceans, and the ocean is the alien’s umbrella. In addition to this undersea airport, there are many strange phenomena in the ocean, which are waiting for human beings to explore. What do you think?

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