Prehistoric animals are not worth mentioning. The largest animal in the world lives in modern times!

When it comes to prehistoric animals, we all think of dinosaurs and mammoths. They all have one thing in common, that is, they are really big. But do you know that they are so small compared with the blue whale? Today, let’s learn about our biggest creature, the blue whale.

The average length of the blue whale is between 22 and 33 meters (the largest blue whale found at present is 33.5 meters), and its weight can reach 180 tons. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a big number, but let’s compare it equally. You may be surprised. The weight of the blue whale is equivalent to about 30 adult African elephants, equal to the total weight of about 3000 adult men. The tongue of a blue whale is 2 tons. If the intestines of a blue whale are pulled apart, it can be up to 300 meters long. Its blood vessels are very thick, and it can even hold a child. Are you scared by our big blue whale? Being the biggest animal in the world doesn’t make a name for itself.

Blue whales are light blue or mouse gray on the whole body surface, with light fine stripes on the back and white spots on the chest. Its whole body is streamlined (it can reduce the resistance of water when swimming), just like a razor, so some people call the blue whale “razor whale”. Its habitat is mainly at the intersection of warm water and cold water, which is rich in plankton and krill, which is the food of blue whales. Scientists have found that the blue whale can eat an amazing amount of krill at a time. It can eat about 2 million krill at a time, eating 4000-8000 kg per day. We can’t eat all this food in our life.

In addition, the life span of blue whales is also very long, similar to that of human beings. Most blue whales can survive for more than 50 years, and even live to 100 years old. They are rarely in groups, mostly alone, or only 2-3 together. The two living blue whales are very close to each other. They swim together, hunt together, breathe together and sleep together, just like mandarin ducks, which is enviable.

However, such a huge animal is now on the verge of extinction. According to scientists in the southern hemisphere, blue whales now have only 3000 to 4000 survivors. All these reasons are due to our excessive hunting.

Because blue whale thick subcutaneous has a layer of fat, can do soap, shoe polish and so on. As a result, it has been wildly hunted and killed by human beings. So the number of blue whales plummeted. In 1930, 41 ships killed 28325 blue whales; by 1960, 350000 blue whales had been killed. At this time, scientists thought that the number of blue whales was less than 50. Fortunately, human beings realized their mistakes and took protective measures for blue whales, which made the number of blue whales recover slightly. It is hoped that in the future, there will be more blue whales and they will be able to swim more freely in the ocean.

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