Prehistoric civilization in Antarctica? Satellite shot “mysterious building”, there is a huge hole!

Compared with the earth’s 4.6 billion years, the time for human beings to appear on the earth is too short. Many people think that human beings can’t appear for a moment, so before that, has there been any other intelligent civilization on the earth? Some people think that if human beings are the only intelligent creatures on the earth, this statement is too far fetched. Although scientists have been looking for traces of prehistoric civilization, they have no ideal effect.

A pyramid in Antarctica?

Although scientists have not found any substantial evidence of practical civilization, there have been unexpected discoveries in the process of exploration. These discoveries seem to prove to mankind that there were other life on earth that had established civilization before our appearance. Some time ago, the mysterious building discovered by scientists in Antarctica was even more shocking. Antarctica, as the last ownerless place in the world, is a place that human beings never dare to reach. This is a world covered by glaciers for many years. The temperature is very low. Only some creatures can survive here. There is no way for human beings to establish civilization in Antarctica. However, scientists have seen an unexpected scene through google satellite. It turned out that they screened the satellite photos and found that there were pyramid like buildings on the snow-white glacier.

The shape of the pyramid in Antarctica is very regular. It doesn’t look like it was formed naturally. After this photo was published on the Internet, it has also aroused heated discussion among netizens. Many people think that the pyramid in Antarctica is actually built by intelligent life. Many more people have put forward a crazy view that the pyramid is actually the entrance to the inner earth, and the builder is making progress It’s geocentric. Some UFO enthusiasts claim that this pyramid was actually built by extraterrestrial life on earth, because they have advanced science and technology, so it’s no problem to build a pyramid.

A huge opening in the mountains

This is not the most shocking, scientists released a picture, this picture is also taken by google satellite. From the photos, we can see that there is a huge hole in a mountain in Antarctica. The depth of the hole is unknown, and there is no final conclusion on where to go.

After seeing these two photos, netizens think that there was an ancient wisdom civilization in Antarctica. In fact, there is a legend circulating in villages near Antarctica that there was a civilization in Antarctica. It was in the 16th century that an explorer once drew a map of Antarctica. In this map, the description of the orientation of Antarctica was very accurate, and the Antarctica was not covered by ice and snow.

But Antarctica was discovered only in the 18th century. Why did the map of Antarctica appear in the 16th century? Has there ever been intelligent life in Antarctica? What do you think?

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