Prehistoric civilization? Scientists found giant footprints, the outline is clearly visible!

Scientists have been looking for the road of prehistoric civilization for a long time. The time when human beings appeared on the earth is too short. Many people believe that there were other civilizations on the earth before the emergence of human beings. Although scientists have been exploring for many years, there are no particularly ideal results so far. Scientists have found giant footprints in India and South Africa. Many people think they are left by prehistoric giants. Is this true?

India’s giant footprints

In 2013, scientists found a pair of giant footprints in Ranchi, India. According to the data of scientists, the size of the footprints is 25-28 cm long. To the surprise of scientists, there are some magical symbols beside the footprints, which look like a mysterious aircraft to us. Many people think that this pair of giant footprints are actually left by aliens, and this magical symbol is the aircraft they ride.

Giant footprints in South Africa

In addition to India’s footprints, scientists also found a huge footprints in the granite of South Africa in 2014. This transaction is even equal to the height of a child. The shape of five toes is very clear. According to the data of scientists, this footprint has a history of 200 million years. At that time, the environment of the earth was not what it is now. When the giant walked on the road, he might have stepped on a piece of soil, so he left footprints in the soil. With the movement of plates and geological changes, the soil and rocks were re integrated, forming a vertical state on the wall.

After seeing these two huge footprints, more and more people think that prehistoric giants really exist. After all, the footprints of South Africa are too real. Even modern people don’t have such big footprints. However, some people think that this huge footprint is not left by prehistoric civilization. After all, after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, this transaction is still very complete and clear, which is hard to say.

Does prehistoric civilization exist?

According to the geological movement, this area has experienced a bad environmental evolution, and this huge footprint can survive for tens of thousands of years, which is also astonishing. Therefore, Xiaobian thinks that there is no way to explain the existence of prehistoric civilization with one footprint. Maybe this is what modern human beings portray?

There are still a lot of photos of prehistoric giants on the Internet. Xiaobian remembers that the giant’s head in one photo is much bigger than that of modern people. In fact, these are PS synthetic, not real giant bones at all. So when we explore the world-famous, we must believe in science. Only when we find clear evidence can we be more convincing. What do you think?

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