Prehistoric civilization? There is a computer on the bottom of the sea in Greece, more than 2000 years ago!

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology in the world, human beings have begun to enter the intelligent age. It can be said that we have such brilliant achievements. Computers play an irreplaceable role, which is also an important symbol of human modern civilization. There have been many human civilizations in history. In the process of archaeology, scientists have discovered many advanced technologies. For example, the ancient computer that scientists once discovered has been more than 2000 years. Is this true?

Computers in ancient Greece

It was in 1966, in a Greek sea, when a diver discovered an ancient Roman freighter. After thousands of years of seawater corrosion, only the wreckage was left on this freighter. The divers reported this phenomenon to the scientists immediately after seeing it. At that time, there were also relevant salvage teams to salvage it. During the salvage process, the scientists not only saw the architectural process of ancient Greek civilization, but also found a “mystery of the world” on this freighter, that is to say It was a computer in ancient Greece.

When scientists first saw the computer, they didn’t pay much attention. After thousands of years of destruction, it didn’t look the same. Scientists through professional means of restoration and maintenance found that this may be the product of the ancient Greeks. Scientists have X-ray scanned the machine, and the wooden box of the machine is engraved with ancient Greek characters, which may be the secret of the machine. Scientists named this machine the antikisera machine. They thought it might have been made in 150 BC. There were 37 bronze gears on this machine, and it could accurately calculate the time of astronomical weather. Scientists speculated that this might be the astronomical computer more than 2000 years ago.

Who made the computer?

After seeing this discovery, many people are very surprised. They can’t believe that computers are the foundation of modern science and technology. Why did they appear in ancient Greece more than 2000 years ago? This discovery also refreshes human’s understanding of intelligent civilization. Many scientists also feel incredible. At that time, science and technology were far less developed than they are now. Could human really create such advanced science and technology?

Some people think that the emergence of computers may have been left by aliens. After all, in the process of the development of human civilization, many highly intelligent technologies were born. Perhaps only aliens could produce such advanced equipment at that time.

Up to now, this 2000 year old computer is still full of many mysteries. Although we have not yet recognized its true identity, Xiaobian believes that with the progress of human civilization, one day we will be able to understand human civilization. What do you think?

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