Prehistoric creatures have been discovered in Siberia for more than 50000 years. Human beings should pay attention to them!

If we talk about the coldest regions in the northern hemisphere in winter, many people will think of Siberia. Siberia has a higher latitude, and some regions have reached the Arctic, which is in a state of ice and snow all the year round. Siberia has a thick permafrost. In summer, the permafrost will begin to melt, and in winter, it will freeze again. This is a very balanced state.

As the global temperature continues to rise, more and more permafrost began to melt, and many things buried in the permafrost also appeared in front of human beings. Although the temperature in Siberia is extremely low, the ecosystem is still very complex. There are not only all kinds of vegetation and landforms, but also all kinds of creatures. After many creatures die, their remains will be buried in the permafrost. Due to the extremely low temperature here, many biological remains are still very intact. With the thawing of the permafrost, scientists are also in Siberia Many prehistoric remains have been found.

Prehistoric creatures 50000 years ago

Some time ago, scientists made a major discovery in Siberia. They excavated a biological remains in the permafrost. This creature is covered with brown hair. After analysis and research, it is found that it is a rhinoceros. At the time of death, the rhinoceros was still relatively young, about 3 or 4 years old, more than 50000 years ago. I didn’t expect that after tens of thousands of years of natural evolution, the organs, intestines and teeth of this rhinoceros are still very well preserved. It’s worth noting that scientists also found the last dinner in its stomach, which is really incredible.

The situation of global warming

Although the emergence of prehistoric biological remains can lead scientists to re study the history of biological evolution, scientists have issued a warning to mankind that we should really pay attention to the current environment. These biological remains of tens of thousands of years ago are well hidden in the permafrost. Why do they suddenly appear in front of human beings? The reason for this phenomenon is actually caused by the great changes in the earth’s environment. With the rise of the earth’s average temperature, the permafrost in extremely cold regions has also begun to accelerate the melting process. The frequent occurrence of these biological remains indicates that the earth’s environment has reached a critical point.

Scientists have done analysis, they think that in the global warming situation, the Arctic environment has changed, the new Arctic is also forming, perhaps by 2100, polar bears will disappear, and the Arctic will usher in the first ice free summer. Some time ago, Russian professionals also found a situation in the satellite image that a new island appeared near the Xindi archipelago in the Arctic. In fact, it was only after the glacier broke that the island appeared.

The impact of global warming is far beyond that. With the emergence of prehistoric biological remains, human beings are likely to face natural disasters such as the disappearance of freshwater resources, food crisis and resource shortage in the future. Because of the current scientific and technological means of mankind, can we cope with these disasters calmly?

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