Prehistoric creatures have been discovered in the Arctic, and scientists warn that there are more dangerous things!

For human beings, the north and south poles have always been places where few people have set foot. After tens of millions of years of evolution, it is still a primitive world of ice and snow. In the eyes of many people, the north and south poles have always been holy places. However, in recent years, the earth’s environment is facing great changes, and more and more anomalies are occurring in the north and south poles. Scientists are also worried.

In 2020, scientists will make many important discoveries in the Arctic circle. They have excavated the remains of several prehistoric creatures in the thick permafrost. These creatures all lived on the earth tens of thousands of years ago. Who would have thought that after tens of thousands of years of wind and sun, the remains of these creatures are still very intact, even the hair is clearly visible. In the eyes of scientists, these biological remains can lead them to better study the evolution of life. Many people think that this is actually a gift from heaven. Is it really so?

Biological remains

Scientists believe that in addition to the remains of prehistoric organisms, there are more dangerous things hidden in the thick permafrost. Although these organisms can also study the evolution of life, we still can’t ignore why these things are exposed? The problems behind are worth pondering. With the continuous increase of global temperature, the greenhouse effect is becoming more and more obvious. Once the permafrost melts, it is likely to disappear. This means that in addition to the prehistoric biological remains tens of thousands of years ago, a large number of harmful substances in the permafrost will also enter the earth’s atmosphere, including unknown bacteria and unknown viruses.


Scientists have done research. They found that there is a large amount of mercury stored in the Arctic permafrost, with a storage capacity as high as 1.7 million tons. If the mercury is released, the pollution to the ocean will be incalculable, the ecosystem will be damaged, and these highly toxic substances will enter the human body through the food chain. Finally, human beings will have to pay for it.

Unknown virus

In addition to a large amount of mercury, there are also viruses that were frozen tens of thousands of years ago in the permafrost. For human beings, these viruses are still very far away. If these viruses enter the atmosphere, it is unclear whether we can completely control these viruses at our current medical level. The current epidemic situation has not been completely solved. Is there another crisis for human beings in the future?

In the face of great changes in the earth’s environment, human beings can not stay out of it. Although these disasters seem to be far away from us, if we do not restrain our own behavior, these disasters may come ahead of time. How can we survive on the earth? Therefore, only when the natural environment is protected can human beings survive for a long time. To protect the environment is to protect ourselves.

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