Prototype in Shanhaijing? Why are the cemeteries excavated in Xinjiang all white men?

In the history of our country, Chinese civilization has created one miracle after another. The Sanxingdui cultural site once discovered by scientists has also brought Chinese civilization to the eyes of the world, even comparable to ancient Egyptian civilization. However, Sanxingdui culture is still full of many controversies. Many foreign scholars believe that the masked characters on Sanxingdui are not Chinese, so they think that Sanxingdui actually comes from western Asia and does not belong to China.

Moreover, the gold staff found in the Sanxingdui cultural site is similar to that in ancient Egypt. Therefore, some foreign scholars speculate that the Sanxingdui culture probably belongs to ancient Egyptian civilization. In the eyes of many western scholars, they do not recognize the pre Shang Dynasty. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Did the Xia Dynasty cover other civilizations?


Shanhaijing is the first wonderful book in China, which records about 100 countries. It not only contains many rare animals, but also contains medicine, geography and national culture. In recent years, scientists have been studying the content. They had translated a map before, and when they restored it, they found that it was not much different from today’s world plate. Once upon a time, a foreigner took the book of mountains and seas as a map and walked it again according to the route in the book of mountains and seas. He found that it was very consistent with the current buildings.

The power of Xia Dynasty

More than ten years ago, Chinese scientists excavated cemeteries in the Gobi desert of Xinjiang. After a long time of weathering and drying environment, hundreds of white mummies appeared in the cemeteries. According to the test results, these mummies have a history of more than 4000 years. This kind of funeral custom is really shocking. Scientists speculated that Zheng He might be a local way of sacrifice. As a result, many tombs appeared in northern India, in which almost all were young men. At this time, scientists thought of Shanhaijing, and there was such a record in this book.

At that time, the founders of the Xia Dynasty explored territory and fought in the western regions. It is also recorded in ancient Indian epics. At that time, a war swept across Asia and almost all the soldiers were killed. It took place in the western regions and Central Asia.

So some people think that the Xia Dynasty once waged a war to the west, and even conquered the whole Asia. Because the war was very cruel at that time, many soldiers died because of the war, leaving only the old people, women and children, so there were ancient tombs in Xinjiang. What do you think?

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