Psychic troops that can talk to ghosts, do you know its existence?

So far, there are many phenomena that can not be explained by science, especially more things about the soul. So far, we still don’t know whether there is a soul or not? What is soul? Is it another real world, or is it just the brain waves emitted by our human brain? The world is so big. Today I will tell you about the most mysterious army in the world, the American psychic army.

Psychic forces refer to the secret psychic forces formed by “super soldiers” according to the “Jedi plan” implemented by the United States after the 1980s. All these soldiers have special functions or psychic abilities. Even with the participation of scientists, they have carried out relevant experiments, similar to our Chinese “Daxian” or Maoshan Taoist priest and so on.

The Jedi project was led by a major general named Albertus tubbin III, who was the head of the U.S. Army Intelligence Agency in the 1980s. He was keen on Wall piercing, and often studied and practiced alone in the office, but the result was that he was black and blue every time.

Their main research contents include: wall penetrating technology, stealth technology and remote sensing technology. They dream of relying on the “remote sensing ability” to make all the former Soviet Union’s nuclear bombs fail, and even talking with ghosts is within their research scope.

The U.S. military also secretly launched a “Stargate project”, trying to employ “clairvoyant” and psychics to detect enemy conditions thousands of miles away through remote sensing capabilities. The researchers involved in the “Stargate project” even included some scientists. At least 12 psychics recruited by the “Stargate project” even demonstrated their special ability to search for a crashed plane with remote sensing ability in front of US President Carter at that time. When they were doing remote sensing, they sat in a soundproof room, put on earplugs and blindfolded. They want to remotely sense the exact location and details of the target. It’s incredible that some remote sensing results are surprisingly accurate. Joe mcmonegg, a Vietnam War veteran of the United States, is a super capable “No.1 remote sensor”. His tasks include monitoring the military bases of the former Soviet Union with remote sensing capabilities and collecting important intelligence. After 20 years as a “remote sensor” at the headquarters of the US National Security Agency, mcmonegg has now joined the business community to provide “remote sensing services” for commercial customers.

According to the daily mail and daily express of the United Kingdom on the 23rd, the declassified files of the U.S. government show that in the 1970s and 1980s, the U.S. military secretly launched the so-called “Jedi project” and “Stargate project”, specially employing “psychics” to study wall piercing, stealth and remote sensing, and dreamed of relying on “remote sensing capability” to make all the former Soviet Union’s nuclear bombs fail . The U.S. military also dreams of producing a perfect assassin who can kill people with his mind. A “psychic soldier” killed a goat with his mind, but he was also seriously injured. It is reported that these fantastic top secret stories of the US Army have been made into a thriller movie “the man gazing at the goat” by Hollywood.

The U.S. military has learned that the former Soviet Union is also secretly developing its own “psychic weapons” program. The Pentagon hopes that “psychic soldiers” can sneak into the military computers of the former Soviet Union through remote sensing capabilities, delete important data on the hard disk, and paralyze the weapon systems of the former Soviet Union. At the same time, they also asked the U.S. military “psychic” to disable all the detonators and navigation systems of the former Soviet Union’s nuclear bombs through remote sensing capabilities. The inside story and details of all these missions are still highly confidential. According to US military insiders, the US military even hired “psychics” to use remote sensing capabilities to track terrorist tycoon bin Laden.

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