Pyramids on the ocean? The construction process is still a mystery, suspected to be related to aliens!

In the thousands of years of human civilization development, our ancestors left precious material wealth. When we look back on the past, we have to be shocked by the wisdom of our ancestors. I believe you all know that Venice, the water city, also has a site in the territory of South madur. According to satellite images, there are many islands of different sizes and crisscross canals, just like Venice, the water city. How was this site built? It is still an unsolved mystery in the scientific community.

Many splendid civilizations have emerged in the history of mankind. In our opinion, the level of science and technology of these civilizations seems to be too advanced. So far, there are many places that can not be cracked. More than 1200 years ago, South madur was born and began to take shape. There are many artificial islands, large and small, all over the place. Many people feel strange after seeing this site. How did people conquer these islands thousands of years ago? How to build such a magnificent city?

Nan Madol


When scientists came here to explore, they found that there are still many secrets waiting for us. Although the construction time of the South madur site was later than that of the Egyptian pyramids, there are many basalts in this city. These basalts are huge, and the construction process must be very difficult. Especially on these small islands, it is a test of people’s wisdom. There is a local legend that South madur is actually a city made by magic, which of course has no scientific basis. Although scientists put forward a variety of conjectures to restore the process of urban construction, they all failed in the end.

Alien masterpiece?

Scientists once made statistics that there were 1 million stone pillars in such a city site. It’s hard to imagine how much time and effort people needed to spend on building the city at that time. Therefore, after seeing the South madur site, many people think that this may not be human effort, but a masterpiece of alien civilization. Perhaps more than 1000 years ago, extraterrestrial life came to the earth. When they saw the human beings at that time, they gave them science and technology and construction technology. Therefore, people were able to build South madur without the help of advanced equipment.

Up to now, South madur is still an unsolved mystery. It is difficult for us to find a large number of written records. If we want to solve these mysteries, we can only study them through these basalts. Today, South madur has become a tourist attraction, attracting a large number of tourists every year. We may not be able to solve these mysteries, but we can understand the mysterious history through the remaining traces.

Although it has become a brilliant civilization on earth, there are still many mysteries waiting for us. We can only understand the past glory through the remaining words and traces. I don’t know what you think?

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