Real “Lilliput”! They can get married and have children before the age of 10. Why are they at risk of extinction?

The process of human evolution is long and complex. Now human beings have existed on the earth for tens of thousands of years and created highly developed material wealth, but there are still some primitive tribes in some places. Their way of life is quite different from that of modern human beings, and their concept of civilization is quite different from ours, such as the pygmies in Africa. They got married, had children and started a family before the age of 10, but now they face the risk of extinction.


Your hunting ability

Pygmies are villains who are less than 1.5 meters tall. Although there are such races in Thailand and Indonesia, the pygmies in Central Africa are really famous. They live in the forests of the equator and breed here for generations. Although they are less than 1.5 meters tall and weigh less than 50 kg, they have strong bodies and sensitive hunting ability. They are very keen to find prey. It is said that bees 10 meters away can be easily captured by them. Even the big lions and elephants can be successfully captured and become their belongings.

Get married and have children before the age of 10

The reason why pygmies have aroused the curiosity of the whole world is their way of life. Ordinary people get married and have children after the age of 20. When they are seven or eight years old, they will be able to form a family and carry on the family line. In our opinion, they are just two children. They are still children. How can they take care of the next generation? Despite their short stature, they are only seven or eight years old, but they are precocious. They behave like adults, and they are very skillful in taking care of their offspring. Although they married and had children before the age of 10, they still follow the monogamy system. A dozen of them will form a big family, and all their property and food are shared.

Life expectancy not exceeding

30 years old

Although they can get married and have children before the age of 10, their average life expectancy is generally less than 30. In this case, it makes sense to reproduce before the age of 10. They use simple tools and have their own language, but their IQ is no more than 60. They have been studied and analyzed by scientists. Why are they so short?

Some people think it’s because they live deep in the forest all the year round and can’t get sunlight. But in 2009, a scientist found that Pygmies and Bantu people intermarried. With the increasing proportion of Bantu people of mixed race, the height of their offspring will naturally drop, so their height is actually determined by their genes.

Extinction risk

It is such a tribe that lives deep in the forest, but now faces the risk of extinction. Some Africans believe that pygmies are not human beings, but short animals, so they will be hunted and killed, resulting in a sharp decrease in their number. In addition, the threat of viruses and bacteria, if they are not protected, they may really disappear from the earth.

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