Real shot: what kind of “strange power” does a woman encounter when washing clothes by the river? Forced into the water, unable to struggle

Xiaobian recently saw such a picture in a video that was originally titled “a real woman washing clothes by the river is pulled away by a” Water Ghost “. The video shows that a woman in green accidentally enters the water when she is washing clothes by the river (but Xiaobian feels more like falling down when she is going to pick up something in the river. After all, people by the river are very calm). Then the woman stands up by herself, which is very important There’s nothing wrong with this picture.

From the height of the woman after standing up, the water depth is only about one meter. At this depth, there is almost no accident, but at this time, such an accident happened.

The woman’s body suddenly tilted backward, her left hand seemed to be pulled by “strange force”, her body tilted to the left and behind, and she “inserted” into the water straightly.

Originally only about one meter of water, the woman was almost completely submerged, and could not stand up at all. Through the video, we can clearly see the woman in constant struggle, but still can not stand up.

Thanks to a man on the bank later jumped into the water in time to rescue the woman. Fortunately, she was not in danger.

Some netizens commented: “this should be leg cramps, leg cramps in the river is still very common.”

But some people said, “have you ever seen a leg cramp and still stand up?” Is it a leg cramp or some kind of “strange force”, which do you think is more likely?

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