Remember the chimpanzee with the finger mutation? Almost the same as humans, is it still evolving?

Remember the chimpanzee with the finger mutation? Almost the same as humans, is it still evolving?

After Darwin’s theory of evolution was put forward, many people didn’t accept it because they thought it was ridiculous. How could higher human beings have evolved from lower animals? But now the research of gene technology shows that the whole process of human development may have a certain relationship with Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Compared with Darwin’s theory of evolution, more people are willing to believe in creationism. In different countries, different nationalities have their own fairy tales. Sudden science breaks their original cognition and makes people hard to accept. In modern genetic research, we found that chimpanzees and humans have more than 98% genetic similarity. It was about 6 million years ago that humans really broke away from chimpanzees and embarked on their own evolutionary path. Different evolutionary directions also determine that chimpanzees and humans have different positions on the earth.

Genetic variation of orangutan

In a zoo in Atlanta, USA in 2019, an orangutan attracted the attention of visitors. These visitors took pictures of the orangutan and uploaded them to the Internet, causing heated discussion. It also became a star in the zoo. Ordinary chimpanzee is black as like as two peas, but the chimpanzee shows an unusual appearance. Its fingers look exactly like human fingers, without any black skin or hair. It’s a direct exposure of human flesh colored fingers.

If we only zoom in on this part, we don’t know if we think it’s a human finger, but it’s a little stronger. Then why did this chimpanzee have a human finger? Is it a manifestation of chimpanzee like human evolution? From the perspective of gene mutation, there is a possibility that in the process of gene mutation, one species may become another. Tourists also found that the chimpanzee was very smart in the process of contact with him, and even took the initiative to contact with tourists. In the process of communication with his peers, the chimpanzee showed extraordinary strength and did not feel afraid of his peers.

The staff explained the causes

For this phenomenon, zoo staff explained that chimpanzees and humans do have great similarities. They have strong learning ability and imitation ability. There are countless visitors to the zoo every day. Through simple training and daily watching, they can also master some simple human actions. Therefore, it is not uncommon for chimpanzees to have these behaviors.

So why do its fingers have human characteristics? Is it a sign of human evolution? In fact, this statement is totally wrong. Although humans and chimpanzees share a common ancestor, it is absolutely impossible for chimpanzees to evolve into humans. The zoo said that the reason why its fingers lost their black hair was because of skin diseases since childhood. What do you think of this?

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