Remember the warm man robot? If it comes in 2050, do you still need men?

Another sunny afternoon, the fairy felt the deep malice of the world in the cold northeast. Don’t want to work, don’t want to move, give me a quilt can sleep in the dark But, work still needs to continue, money still needs to earn, but, let the fairy stand on the chair and think about what life would be like if a robot could replace her (because the fairy watched EVA and Wali last night and was accepted by cute little voice)~~

Anyway, let’s put a picture of my infatuated Wali first

EVA and Wali both exist with orders. Wali’s order is to press the things in the waste yard into small squares and put them in order. EVA’s order is to go to the earth to look for green creatures. But Wali has been here for a long time, and her life has gradually become emotional. Although EVA is more intelligent than Wali, she also falls in love under the attack of Wali No, no, no, it’s assimilated. That is, EVA and Wali become sentimental robots.

The fairy knows that the reason why robots are different from people is that robots have no feelings. Robots have their own programming, born with their own tasks. The fairy suddenly thought of another robot.

Yes, it’s Dabai, a companion robot. Dabai’s design is a therapeutic companion robot.

The emergence of Dabai (although in animation) is also a symbol that the medical industry may be replaced by robots in the future. If this kind of warm big baby is treated, the fairy is still looking forward to it. Scientists predict that humans can marry robots in 2050. Will our robot boyfriends be the same as Dabai?

Nowadays, robots are more and more well-known and applied by more and more people. In fact, there are robots in environmental garbage cleaning, automatic driving, goods sorting and other aspects. Moreover, two kinds of single arm cooperative robots have been invented by some companies, which have been used in production. With this development, robots will appear in our daily life in a large area.

From waking up in the morning, the home robot may have cleaned the house and made breakfast for you; when working, the robot can carry out all your instructions except your ideas, carry tea and water, read newspapers In the evening, I will accompany you to watch movies, listen to music and play games after work. In addition to your thoughts, robots can help you to do those tedious and repetitive things. It will not feel tired when doing them. Only when there is no failure, it can do them all the time, and the error rate should be greatly reduced.

It’s a big leap for robots to change from fantasy to reality, but fundamentally speaking, the appearance of robots has always been criticized. They are cold and hard, not like human skin, so that’s why we think robots have no feelings when it comes to robots. There is such a hard thing in people’s objective idea that it is not easy to get along with without temperature.

However, robots may appear in large numbers in the future life, but it can not completely replace human beings. The first is that he has no thoughts and feelings, so it does not have any character (good-looking faces are the same, interesting souls are one in a million, lovely people like fairies can replace the old!). Second, in the final analysis, the emergence of robots is made by human beings. No one can make them. If one day it can make itself, it only means that human beings do not exist. Third, the reason why human beings are able to make robots is because of human exploration, perception and creativity. The curiosity and direction of generations are different, which leads to the emergence of newer and more convenient things. In other words, robots are also a tool created by human beings. It’s also impossible for machines to reproduce their own patterns.

The little fairy thinks that if there is a robot to do everything instead of herself, it’s also very good. At least the society has improved ~ ~ as for the robot to replace her job, will the boss not want her Thinking of this, the fairy was a little frightened. But the emergence of robots has good and bad, do you prefer robots to appear as soon as possible or not to interfere with our human life?

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