Research achievements of Chinese scientists! Once this technology is popularized, it may benefit mankind!

Economic development and environmental pollution always influence each other. Many developing countries can not avoid a lot of environmental pollution in the early stage of economic development. This is extremely unfavorable for their environmental situation. Nowadays, human beings have become the higher civilization on the earth. With the rapid development of economy, the earth environment is also facing a severe situation.

Permeability of plastics

In many environmental problems, white pollution has become the most headache for scientists. Plastic was originally developed for the development of industry, but now it has penetrated into human life and become a necessary thing to understand and put hands on. In many economically backward countries, heaps of garbage mountains are the norm. Some of them are as high as 17 stories. There is a lot of rubbish floating on the surface of some oceans. The depth of the ocean can reach thousands of meters or even tens of thousands of meters. Scientists once found plastic debris at the bottom of 8000 meters of the ocean, which is enough to show how powerful the permeability of plastic is, even the unfathomable seabed.

Marine ecology destroyed

A large number of plastic waste into the ecosystem, is bound to break the balance of the ecosystem. The marine ecological environment is relatively independent. A large number of garbage fragments enter the ocean. Many marine organisms lose their food sources and their habitats are damaged. They are forced to migrate. Many marine organisms die on the way of migration. These dead marine organisms and a large number of plastic garbage float on the sea, forming a very shocking picture.

Plastic is one of the drivers of global warming

Plastics are non degradable materials. A large number of plastics piled on the ground will release a large number of greenhouse gases, such as methane, under long-term sun irradiation, which has become a big driver of global warming. Therefore, plastic pollution not only affects the ecological environment, but also poses a great threat to human survival. How to decompose plastics and deal with a large amount of plastic waste has become the top priority of scientists. Scientists have pointed out that if human beings want to survive on the earth forever, they must be eliminated.

Degradable film developed by Chinese scientists

With the continuous growth of R & D force, many scientists are also studying ways to degrade plastics. In the course of exploration, the academician team of China’s University of science and technology has made a new breakthrough in degradable plastics. They have developed a biomimetic transparent film that can be degraded in water. This kind of transparent film is made by the fermentation process of microorganisms. It not only uses precise nano materials, but also can effectively reflect light, which can achieve good degradation function to a certain extent.

According to the experimental results of scientists, the degradation process of this kind of transparent film is relatively good. If the transparent film can be effectively promoted, it may be able to replace plastics in the future. This is a blessing for human beings. What do you think of this situation?

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