Research shows that: learning is related to the biological clock, the future curriculum is expected to depend on people

Have you ever thought that your poor learning may be related to your biological clock, such as sleepiness during the day, lack of interest in learning, special spirit at night, and high efficiency in homework? I wonder if you have ever had this kind of experience. In a recent study, a total of 15 students were studied. They were divided into three categories by recording the time period when they logged into the campus network server, and their academic performance was recorded, as shown in the figure

Results the research report shows that if your biological clock is in the active mode at night, then your learning effect at night will be very ideal. If your biological clock is in the active mode during the day, then your learning efficiency during the day will be relatively higher. That is to say, when students are in class, their learning efficiency is directly related to their biological clock.

In this regard, some scientists and researchers have proposed that schools can issue new rules in the future, such as adjusting the curriculum time to adapt to the biological clock of different students, so as to improve the learning efficiency. See this research, netizens have replied, but also humorous.

A netizen named bug said that my biological clock is not suitable for class during the day. No wonder I am not good at learning. A fan named Fetish said that I have said it for a long time, but the teacher didn’t listen to my suggestions. Some netizens named brother gang commented that it’s no wonder I didn’t get into Tsinghua University and Peking University, and the biological clock was back in the pot. Another honest netizen said that for the first time, he said that he was so fresh and refined when he failed the sleep test in class. I admire him.

In view of the domestic education system, Xiaobian thinks that it is better to study hard in class and go smart after school. After all, it is difficult to implement this kind of situation immediately in China.

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