Research shows that there is water on Mars. Did civilization really exist 4 billion years ago? The answer is incredible

People have encountered many difficulties on the way to explore Mars, but scientists have not given up, because Mars is so similar to the earth, so the study of Mars is an important topic for scientists. Similarly, just because Mars is similar to the earth, scientists have great hope for the idea that there will be life on Mars. Therefore, in the study of Mars, the main purpose is to explore whether there will be life on Mars and the conditions and factors for the existence of life.

They believe that when scientists studied Mars, Mars and earth were already very similar planets from the date of their birth; moreover, scientists proposed that life appeared on Mars at an early stage, earlier than life on earth. In order to study whether there is life on the surface of Mars, scientists also sent some probes to the surface of Mars and took some soil samples from the surface of Mars for research.

After the research, the scientists came to a conclusion, but this conclusion is not what people expected, but completely the opposite conclusion, and this conclusion was also published on the official website of NASA.

The rover above is the Opportunity rover specially sent by NASA. In the samples carried by the rover, scientists have found a kind of material. After expert research, this kind of material belongs to the early appearance of Mars. Through it, scientists can also judge the early state of Mars. After testing, the scientists found that this substance is just like salt, with high concentration and strong corrosiveness. Some microorganisms in broken jade may appear, which is a very lethal killer. Therefore, this discovery indicates to some extent that there was no life on Mars in the early stage.

Andrew Korol is a famous astronomer in Harvard University. He thinks that in the early days of Mars, there was a kind of acid and salty substance attached to its surface. The existence of this substance is completely incompatible with the living environment of life, and it can be said that it is one of the worst environments of life.

Scientists have invested a lot of effort in the process of exploring Mars. NASA has sent two Mars explorers, one is opportunity, the other is courage. These two Mars explorers have been working on Mars for several years and have made great contributions to the study of Mars.

In the process of studying Mars, they provided scientists with a large number of samples and some photos taken on Mars, which are of great help to the study of Mars. Among their many contributions, the most praiseworthy should be the discovery of traces of water on Mars. Although it was later found that there were many corrosive substances in the water, these traces were still very precious.

When it is found that the corrosive substance on Mars is the main reason to prevent the existence of life, the possibility of the existence of life on Mars becomes very small. It seems that scientists have fallen into a bottleneck in the research on Mars and can not find any way to break through. Although this is already the case, scientists have not given up. They are starting to look elsewhere and regain hope. The opportunity Mars probe again began to explore the rocks on Mars. Scientists hope to find some records in the history of Mars by calculating the rocks, so as to determine the conditions for the appearance of these corrosive substances on Mars.

Scientists admit that the corrosive substances on the surface of Mars have limited the existence of life to a certain extent. However, scientists believe that perhaps at an earlier time, Mars would be a planet suitable for life; perhaps just like the earth, Mars was originally a planet with life, but later a series of events occurred, leading to the complete disappearance of life on the surface of Mars Extinction.

Now, NASA says that they put aside the environment without living conditions first, and their main energy is still on the issue of water resources on Mars, or looking for water resources on Mars, which is the most important factor for the emergence of life. According to NASA scientists, although the possibility of life on Mars is not great at present, it may change in the future. NASA also plans to launch a manned spacecraft to observe Mars in the future.

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