Research shows that: with the development of quantum information technology, “time and space tunnel” may come true

In many science fiction, a person or thing disappears from a place and reappears in a distant place in a flash. Is there such a “time tunnel” that can make us blink in real life? In this regard, scientists who study the teleportation of quantum states have given the answer: “in the near future, teleportation will be realized theoretically!”

The magical “entanglement” phenomenon in particles was once called “ghostly interaction between remote places” by Einstein. Pan Jianwei and others completed the teleportation of single photon quantum state in 1997, which is a milestone in the development of quantum information technology. After that, many kinds of quantum state teleportation experiments have been realized, but all the experiments are only applicable to the quantum state of a single particle.

Nature Physics, a subsidiary of Nature magazine, published the research results of Chinese scientists in the form of cover article: the realization of the teleportation of quantum states in two particle composite system. This technology, which is called “ghost like teleportation of quantum state” by the world’s scientific community, is likely to make matter and even human body instantly realize long-distance transmission. It is the first international successful case of realizing the teleportation of quantum states in composite system, and it is also the first time for Chinese physicists to publish a cover article in this magazine.

This is the first time in the world that they have realized the teleportation of the quantum state of the composite system and the manipulation of the six photon entangled state. The experimental results show that the material can be transferred instantaneously.

Quantum state refers to the state of particles, such as atoms, neutrons and protons. It can describe the energy, rotation, motion, magnetic field and other physical properties of particles. Generally speaking, the “stealth transmission of quantum state” is to transfer particles from one place to another instantaneously, as if through the “space-time tunnel”. In the near future, this achievement will be widely used in secure communication, quantum computer and other fields that change our lives.

Professor Pan Jianwei said that their current experiment is to realize “global quantum communication” in free space, that is, to transmit quantum signals through satellites and transmit them to receiving points tens of thousands of kilometers or farther away, so as to realize the complete confidentiality of global telephone. Quantum state can not be cloned accurately. Quantum communication can not be eavesdropped or cracked, because according to the measurement principle of quantum mechanics, any information intercepted or measured by eavesdropper in the process of information transmission will change its state and be found in real time. In the process of communication, if the error rate of output code and terminal code is zero, it can be proved that the communication is completely confidential.

The leakage of mobile communication system has been plagued all over the world. It is the goal and dream of modern scientific and technological workers to use quantum transmission technology to achieve completely secure communication. In view of the scientific significance of this research, the website of nature published the news of the paper, and reported the research in the “research points” column of nature.

Quantum teleportation technology will also contribute to the development of quantum computers. Quantum machine is based on the principle of quantum mechanics, high-speed operation, storage and processing of quantum information equipment. Compared with the traditional computer, the system is not only fast in operation, large in storage, low in power consumption, but also small in size. You can have an ultra high speed quantum computer in your pocket. The diameter of a satellite equipped with a quantum computer can be reduced from a few meters to tens of centimeters.

Quantum computer is in the stage of research and development. Fujitsu company of Japan has developed a kind of quantum component super density memory. Its 1 square centimeter chip can store 10 trillion bits of information, which is equivalent to 600 billion Chinese characters. With the progress of nanotechnology and the development of quantum teleportation technology, scientists believe that the microprocessor, the core part of quantum computer, will be successfully developed within five years, and the world’s first quantum computer will be born within 10 years.

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